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  • Direct sources may claim otherwise, but not every single one of us is an idiot.


    It's too much coincidence that within less than 24 hours 3 beloved servers of games YOU, Gameforge, publish got shut down with a rather "out there" excuse, as not all of them were managed by the same person.

    But, as I said, we're not stupid. We know why and how it happened. And it's because your very own inability to keep players engaged and make the games' experience fun was making people leave you and move to a much better place. It's because you failed to put in the effort to reduce brainless grind, to keep players entertained, to bring content to your players within a reasonable time frame, to price your item mall reasonably and to make simple changes that can't be called anything other than QoL (quality of life).

    Not only that, but the official communities for these servers are now gone as well. The friends we made, the time we spent together in and out of the game, our effort and love poured into our guilds, our communities and our characters are all gone.

    If it were up to me, you would be under an entire month (or more) of DDoS sweet, sweet retaliation over all your sites and game servers. You know, just to give you a small taste of what thousands of people are now going through possibly forever. Count your blessings that I don't have the means to arrange anything like this myself.

    I know this thread will be down as soon as a mod lays their eyes upon it. I don't care. It's a testament to your very incompetence at actually proving me wrong, and at recognizing that you simply weren't good enough to keep players using your service and they made the reasonable decision of leaving you moving to an actually enjoyable playing environment. Face it; if your service had been anything but subpar there would have been no real competition to fight against. This is just a pathetic last ditch effort at getting players back so you can milk them for cash.

    I really, sincerely, don't care to even give your games another shot after this. I hope you go bankrupt or something. That'd be fun to watch.

    Goodbye... for now.



  • It may be that it was better there but it is clear that gf was the main problem, what brings you this thread now? your honest opinion? that will not interest gf anyway, without gf elsword would be much better that's clear but at the end of the day that's just a game no matter fake sever or not every game disappears but it's really true that elsword has lost a lot of competition and could do something but nothing is done about it

    my english is bad but i don't care pepega

  • I'm just sorry for people's money that they spent on these servers. I just hope GF will bring some sweet events with +11+ prices and tons of discounts in the shop/for EL coins. Also, catch at least fucking NA with the updates. Playing on EU feels like living under the rock.

  • that other place sucked anyway tbh and it was obvious spending time there is a waste of time

    "hurr durr fck u gf for shutting down our server" yea cuz its the first time the dev shutdowned a server out from nothing

  • eu is the garbage anyway, I would prefer elsword without the merge since the prices have become so funny and also less fun, nothing against the other nations but it should have remained so without the merge

    god bless

  • 1_Why GF and not Kog? GF is just the EU publisher.

    2_Sorry, but I think you're stupid:

    Standard Terms and Conditions of Use


    Have you ever tried to read the condition of use of a private server? It's empty :S

  • Hi there,

    Just as a reminder, these are the forums of Elsword Europe, therefore we don't allow talking about private servers, therefore this thread is now closed.