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  • Oh daddy send me money and nudes uwu

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  • Nice signature.

    Although halloween is over.

    • Too lazy to change it back, I'll wait till Christmas to change my signature to the Christmas one xD

    • will I be in charge of that too or you'll make nice xmas siggys for us? :D

    • I mean... I was planning to use the one I had the 1st year I was teamler here :P xD

    • Quote from

      Who do you mean, Madame?

    • I don't remember that signature... O.o

  • Hola mi querido suggar daddy.

    Como se acerca halloween, quiero solo una cosa:

    • Un nude en forma de calabaza
  • *Stalks* <3

    • * Senakhtenre has been successfully stalked by Mary *

  • ma' boy ❤️

  • Senak....guapo...................7w7

    • Eso eres tú, que me miras con buenos ojos : $

  • Tea > Coffee

    • Get that horrible tea propaganda out of my wal!!!11!1!one


    • what a blasphemy!

    • Oh my god !

      Have you ever tasted jasmin tea ? Black tea ? Mint tea ?

      I can't count how many sorts of tea I have. But one thing is for sure, I can't live without my morning tea and my evening tea :)

      I can't even smell coffee :( It's disgusting

    • I'm pretty sure calling coffee 'disgusting' is hate speech, I'll report you to the Coffee Police! >:(

    • Tell them : ♫ Just tea for two and two for tea ♫

  • Hola papu

  • <3<3<3<3