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    Hi there,

    Since the information given by my colleagues is correct and due to the fact that this is not a bug, I'll now close this thread.



    :CoBofriends: Elsword players!

    Today we bring not only one but two bad news:elswordcerealg:

    Our very own Game Master Camilla has decided to step down of her duties at Elsword, thanks for all your hard work!

    Additionally, our former Super Moderator, now Event Manager Maeve has decided to leave our community, I'd like to thank her for all the work she did not only as Super Modetator back then but for all the events she did, you know where we are if you feel like you want to come back.

    Heroes of Elios,

    If you are experiencing random disconnects please remember to send a ticket via our support system with all the information requested on the post above (if you have any additional information, such as error logs, or things that happened and shouldn't you may add it too, the more the better for us), that will help us in our path to find the issue.

    Thanks for your help!


    Your Elsword Team.

    Hi there,

    I have forwarded this suggestion and the reply is that we will not change or remove this rule.

    If you are trying to host a PvP Tournament (or any kind of event for that matter) and you need help with visibility and you would like for us to promote it or you need help with rewards, you can poke our Community Manager Drestam (I'm saying this because you've opened this thread on the English section, if you play on another language ideally, poke your CM for a better communication :P) and he'll look up if we are able to help you with that.

    If you do decide to poke any CM to ask for help on rewards/promotion please do it whenever you have everything set up (nº of winners, what they will get, how will the event work, etc) so they can have all the information to study it.

    With that said, this suggestion is rejected, therefore I'll be closing this thread since while I understand everyone as their own point of view, that will not change this decision.

    If any of you wants to tell me something about this, please remember to do so via Conversation and not by opening a new thread ^^



    Have a question, so game forge will not do update the revamp? It will be only in the steam-kog version?

    No, what TuxedoMask says (thanks for all your updates on this matter!) is that those "compensatory rewards" might not be released here since we were not affected by this whole mess.

    There are no reasons for us to believe that the revamps won't come to Elsword Europe ^^

    I almost had a stroke reading that, how'd you get into the UK team? GF seems to be really short on staff huh.

    Please, refrain from doing such remarks that first and foremost brings nothing to the subject at hand and second of all are disrespectful towards someone.
    If you would like to add anything to what I just said, feel free to hit me up via Conversation, replies to this moderation will be considered spam and will be handled as such.

    Now lets get back to the topic :-)



    Hi there Doomadox

    The description of the mentioned combo is not wrong as it is, and I'll explain a bit more: Some combos as Demonio/Diabla (the only one I know by heart is >>ZXXXXZ) will promt you to press the Switch/Special key, by default as it has been mentioned previously, it will be the "V" key, this will "activate" the Binding mode (that's the reason for the B on the Combo list), this will make both Lu and Ciel attack simultaneously as one, once you have pressed the V key, you'll have to smash the X key and then continue with ZZZX to do the combo you have mentioned.

    Here is a small and ugly gif I've taken to explain it to you that hopefully might help you understand it:


    I did miss the last part of the combo where it asks you to press the Switch key again (it says Space but as mentioned previously by default it will be V), I'll suggest to you to practice a bit on Camilla's Free training since combos, (and at least for me, Demonio/Diabla) are hard, the timing to press the V key is odd, if you do it instantly it won't activate the Binding mode so keep an eye out for that!

    If you still have any doubts feel free to reply :D

    Hi there YallFake

    Please record a video (you can use the in-game tool built for it) where you show: All the tabs in your inventory (so Equipment, Accessory and so on) and then go to the Bulletin Board and show us the error.

    Once you have the video, send it to our support system using the Bugreport template please remember to fill in all the information requested (included your in-game name) that way we'll be able to gather all the information and forward your problem correctly :-)


    :CoBofriends: Elsword players!

    Today we have a "new but not really new" raccoonmember on the Elsword UK Team! Please welcome our newest Trial Game Master, Griffon ! Some of you might already know him since he's not a stranger for the job because he has been a Game Master for the Spanish Community for quite some time.

    Welcome to this side of town! Have fun on your duties around here, hopefully you'll get out of your way that ugly Trial thingy soon! :-)

    Hi there,

    If you (or anyone for that matter) has any leads as to what triggers this issue we would greatly appreciate since we'll need to be able to reproduce the issue to forward it to KOG. If you happen to perhaps record a few matches and get a recording of the tags switching to DE and what the players did prior to it that would be a huge help.


    Hello everyone,

    First and foremost I would like to point out that this subject is something that every now and then comes up because we get these kind of events waaay less than NA does, I think we all can agree on that.

    We are on the middle of the weekend so chances are slim that Gameforge will read this thread today/tomorrow, but consider it forwarded to them.

    Now and before I countinue reading people tinkering (and more specially teamlers) about things and people starts firing up themselves: Gameforge as the publisher of the game, cannot do most of the things us, as players, would love. Pretty much everything (fixes (be it hotfixes, bugfixes, etc), events, rewards of events, schedules of things, new content, etc) is up to the developers, while Gameforge may request things (as they do) in the end is up to the developers to decide on what they focus their priority and what they will eventually do or don't. I am not sure if turning on/off things like double exp, infinite will and such things is as easy as flicking a switch or if it requires the devels of the game to do it so I won't throw myself into the pool on that matter.

    Other things like server stability (since it has been mentioned here), as long as it is not related to the coding of the game itself can be fixed by Gameforge, it has happened in the past and it won't be the first or the last time our servers have moved to better machines.

    Now, with some of that light on this whole thing, and as I stated on the text on bold, I have forwarded it to Gameforge which is the least I can do. :-)



    :CoBofriends: Elsword players!

    With the departure of our former Administrator Coco we thought someone had to step in to take the position of Board Admin, and who more fitting for that position than our very own ba1.png Darkrai  ba2.png !

    Please congratulate her since she has now evolved into an even more powerful version of herself :greengiant: and from now on she will be our new Board Administrator. Congratulations:kawaiiwinkcat:!

    Hello Heroes of Elios!

    It has come to our attention that some of you at times don't know where or how to redeem codes that are given to players in our events. We get it, it might be a bit strange at first getting to know how this works, and that's why we have decided to make this small guide!


    First and foremost, you must know that we have two kind of codes:

    1. Item Codes
    2. EC Codes

    These two are different codes and each needs to be redeemed on different places of our sites, so we will guide you thru the whole process!

    First, you need a code (duh! :memelu^^:) and then access to the Elsword homepage that belongs to your community, those being:

    Once you are there, login on your account by clicking the Login (1) button and filling your Username (2), Password (3), and then press the Login (4) button:

    Note:While the language might be different from site to site, the steps are the same.

    EC Code

    Now, depending on the kind of code, we will go one way or the other, first I will show you how to redeem a EC Code, for that we have to go to the Buy El Coins section of the User Control Panel we see when we log in, and press Buy (1)

    Then, we will go to the Redeem coupon (1) section and click Gameforge (2),


    Note: Payment methods, offers, currency and others might be different but you should be able to see the Redeem coupon - Gameforge option.
    Then, all you have to do is fill the Coupon code field (1) and hit that Check coupon! button (2), this will tell you the value of the coupon and allow you to redeem it.
    It might be worth mentioning that this code usually is a 5 part code, separated with -, each part has 4 characters and it can be any letter (A-Z) or number (0-9). Take care when copy/pasting codes, because spaces (for example in the end) might lead to a message saying the code is incorrect.



    Item Code

    Now, we will learn how to redeem Item Codes (like the codes that were given away on the Advent Calendar) this needs to be done via the Voucher code section of the User Control Panel we see when we log in, so we will fill the Voucher code field (1) and hit redeem (2).
    Usually Item Codes are a 4 part code, separated with -, each part has 5 characters and it can be any letter (A-Z-) or number (0-9).
    This will then move you to the Voucher code page, were we can see the code we have introduced (1), and we will get to pick to which character of our account the item(s) will be delivered (2), once we have done that we just need to click Redeem (3) and the items will be delivered to our character!


    Note: You might need to log out from your character/account and then log back to receive the items.

    And that's it! Easy, right? Now enjoy your codes and have fun:elsaishalike:


    Your Elsword Team.