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    :CoBofriends: Elsword players!

    With the departure of our former Administrator Coco we thought someone had to step in to take the position of Board Admin, and who more fitting for that position than our very own ba1.png Darkrai  ba2.png !

    Please congratulate her since she has now evolved into an even more powerful version of herself :greengiant: and from now on she will be our new Board Administrator. Congratulations:kawaiiwinkcat:!

    Hello Heroes of Elios!

    It has come to our attention that some of you at times don't know where or how to redeem codes that are given to players in our events. We get it, it might be a bit strange at first getting to know how this works, and that's why we have decided to make this small guide!


    First and foremost, you must know that we have two kind of codes:

    1. Item Codes
    2. EC Codes

    These two are different codes and each needs to be redeemed on different places of our sites, so we will guide you thru the whole process!

    First, you need a code (duh! :memelu^^:) and then access to the Elsword homepage that belongs to your community, those being:

    Once you are there, login on your account by clicking the Login (1) button and filling your Username (2), Password (3), and then press the Login (4) button:

    Note:While the language might be different from site to site, the steps are the same.

    EC Code

    Now, depending on the kind of code, we will go one way or the other, first I will show you how to redeem a EC Code, for that we have to go to the Buy El Coins section of the User Control Panel we see when we log in, and press Buy (1)

    Then, we will go to the Redeem coupon (1) section and click Gameforge (2),


    Note: Payment methods, offers, currency and others might be different but you should be able to see the Redeem coupon - Gameforge option.
    Then, all you have to do is fill the Coupon code field (1) and hit that Check coupon! button (2), this will tell you the value of the coupon and allow you to redeem it.
    It might be worth mentioning that this code usually is a 5 part code, separated with -, each part has 4 characters and it can be any letter (A-Z) or number (0-9). Take care when copy/pasting codes, because spaces (for example in the end) might lead to a message saying the code is incorrect.



    Item Code

    Now, we will learn how to redeem Item Codes (like the codes that were given away on the Advent Calendar) this needs to be done via the Voucher code section of the User Control Panel we see when we log in, so we will fill the Voucher code field (1) and hit redeem (2).
    Usually Item Codes are a 4 part code, separated with -, each part has 5 characters and it can be any letter (A-Z-) or number (0-9).
    This will then move you to the Voucher code page, were we can see the code we have introduced (1), and we will get to pick to which character of our account the item(s) will be delivered (2), once we have done that we just need to click Redeem (3) and the items will be delivered to our character!


    Note: You might need to log out from your character/account and then log back to receive the items.

    And that's it! Easy, right? Now enjoy your codes and have fun:elsaishalike:


    Your Elsword Team.

    Thread closed, from now on any report related to server disconnects should be done via support system, remember to fill your ticket with the following information:


    I don't feel like a post of me saying I've forwarded something is needed everytime I forward something, because part of my job as well as Drestam's is to forward everything the community does/feels like, I only post when either I have something to add or when stuff like this happens where players are clearly asking for any kind of reply to them.

    As you have mentioned I don't know what's going on on their mind about this and you are also right that I have no saying on such things, I know most of the points on this thread are totally fair and I agree with a big part of it, but sadly even when our CM is informed of this thread, it isn't up to him (nor the PCM) alone to decide and make changes.

    I don't want this thread to become a back and forth between you guys and me because in the end, I'm just another player who volunteers for this game and knows as much as you do, if you have any concerns feel free to hit me up via Conversation here and we can continue talking ^^

    He was reading the forums today but I'll poke Drestam in case he feels like he could add something about this subject :)

    is it possible to get an answer from a GF member (Product CoMa perhaps)

    Hi there!

    I won't poke them for that because I believe if there was anything for them to say, they would say so, however, our Community Manager Drestam was informed of this thread as soon as it was created and he's paying attention to what is said here and the rest of the Els UK forums that I can ensure you :-)

    But as I said, if there is anything to comment on this subject they will when there is something to be said but I can guarantee that he was informed of this ^^



    Hello everyone!

    We're once again in need of your reports. It appears that some players have been experiencing some random teleports/warps to Elyanod while doing their normal Elios life.

    To be able to properly reproduce and forward this issue, we will ask of you some information. Whenever you experience this issue please post here so I can properly collect all the feedback and forward it.

    Information needed:

    Date AND Time: (German Time if possible, in case of doubt you can Google "Time in Germany" and as close as possible to the actual moment this issue took place)

    Character name:


    Previous location: (on which map you were previous to this issue, doesn't matter if it was a city, dungeon... Let us know)

    Map where you got warped:

    Other information: (useful if for example your warp happened on X stage of a dungeon/raid, leave here any information you may think would be helpful)

    As always please remember that forum rules applies to this thread so please lets keep it on topic.

    Thanks for your collaboration,

    Your Elsword Team.

    Heroes of Elios,

    Next Tuesday, 26.03.2019 starting on 08:00AM (German Time) we will be carrying out our scheduled payment maintenance. The expected downtime is 30 minutes.

    For the duration of the maintenance payment related services might be un available.


    Your Elsword Team.

    Hello everyone!

    Up till now, everything has been forwarded.
    A Google Form has been created by Gameforge and from now on new reports about random server disconnects should be done from said form to which you can access clicking here.



    Heroes of Elios,

    Next Thursday, 07.02.2019 starting on 08:00 AM (German Time) we will be carrying out maintenance on our payment systems, for the duration of the maintenance the shop and payment sites might be unavailable.
    The expected downtime is 45-60 minutes.

    Your Elsword Team.

    Hi there!

    I've updated my first post, due to "popular" demand this thread can be used to report any random disconnect you might experience, this includes during Secret Dungeons, Dungeons, while on a Resting Area, etc.

    PLEASE, check my first post and make sure you include ALL that I ask to be able to forward the issues (that is everything in bold), messages that fail to add the information won't be forwarded.

    Thanks once again to everyone for your collaboration :)