Random warps to Elyanod

  • Hello everyone!

    We're once again in need of your reports. It appears that some players have been experiencing some random teleports/warps to Elyanod while doing their normal Elios life.

    To be able to properly reproduce and forward this issue, we will ask of you some information. Whenever you experience this issue please post here so I can properly collect all the feedback and forward it.

    Information needed:

    Date AND Time: (German Time if possible, in case of doubt you can Google "Time in Germany" and as close as possible to the actual moment this issue took place)

    Character name:


    Previous location: (on which map you were previous to this issue, doesn't matter if it was a city, dungeon... Let us know)

    Map where you got warped:

    Other information: (useful if for example your warp happened on X stage of a dungeon/raid, leave here any information you may think would be helpful)

    As always please remember that forum rules applies to this thread so please lets keep it on topic.

    Thanks for your collaboration,

    Your Elsword Team.

    Sweet Mother, sweet Mother, send your child unto me, for the sins of the unworthy must be baptized in blood and fear.


  • Date AND Time: 14/04/2019 9:14

    Character name: DIO

    Channel: Elyanod 3

    Previous location: Altera village

    Map where you got warped: Drabaki (Fahrmann's Peak ?) to Elyanod

    Other information: wasted me a run hehe 8o

  • Date AND Time: 15.04.2019 14:55
    Character name: ShiroZirhiel
    Channel: Elyanod4
    Previous location: Elyanod
    Map where you got warped: From Drabaki to Elyanod
    Other information: Last 3hp bar, here would be HHuni :(

  • Date AND Time: 16.04.19 12:52

    Character name: Keibi

    Channel: Elyanod 3

    Previous location: 11-3, started from Ruben Hotspring

    Map where you got warped: Elyanod

  • The game doesn't necessarily warp you to Elyanod.
    One or two weeks ago I played some Altera dungeons on a character between Lv 30 and 45 and got warped to Peita. (Before starting the dungeon I was standing in either Bethma or Altera. Altera is more likely.)

    So I assume you'll get warped to the village that suits your character's level. I don't know the time, exact dungeon, level or character name anymore* since I didn't have a forum account back then. Sorry. But I normally play on the second channel I can choose. (For my main character it's Elyanod 2, I guess for my low character it was Ruben 2 since I normally don't relog after getting Lv 40.)

    *At that time I played a lot of Lv 22-50 characters because I had more than one account and deleted my characters so I can put them on my main account... I seized that opportunity to get the achievement for having 10 characters on 1st/2nd job.

  • Date AND Time: 15.04.2019, at about 18:32 (6:32pm)

    Character name: Flowerfell

    Channel: Elrianode1/Elyanod1

    Previous location: Adds Energy Fusion Dungeon, started dungeon from the second lanox field

    Map where you got warped: Elrianode

  • Date AND Time: 19.04.19 23:14

    Character name: ErbluhAin

    Channel: Elyanod 1

    Previous location: 12-7 phase 3, started from Lanox Hotspring

    Map where you got warped: Elyanod

    Additional : the whole group got warped, other players : Anju, Precii, Liesura, Yanne, Dw, Orogon (their channel was probably different).
    Moreover : The server lagged quite a bit before the warp (potions didn't activate properly)

  • Hello everyone!

    Everything up till now it has been forwarded, please continue posting any new random waprs you might experience.


    Sweet Mother, sweet Mother, send your child unto me, for the sins of the unworthy must be baptized in blood and fear.


  • Hello everyone!

    Has there been other cases of random warps since Friday's maintenance? Problem should be solved, so tell me if it is not ;)

    Only warps please on this topic.

  • Date and Time: 20/05/2019 In the Evening between 18:00 - 20:00

    Character name: Rihan

    Channel: Elyanod 4

    Previous location: Peita

    Map where you got warped: Wally Castle Rooftop Official PVP 2o2 to Elyanod

    Other information: Lost a Match with my Partner, and my Afterimage was still there so even gave them free mana