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    Well yeah, they should fix bugs. Ofc just like massive DC problems (Great stable server and connection of Player as they explain). Also we still have old GameGuard not like NA/KR. Many missing Update and Patches.
    More easy is start event Exp than fix all those isues. It would not kill anyone but MAYBE (WOW) HELP. When many ppl talk and complain "But XXX is better", "Even NA have exp event", "This server is dying", "omg oMg 0mg". Then what about create option to change something and give more exp/drop event?? This should be good for start and get more in eyes of ppl.

    so. Yes. PLS.

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    Date AND Time: 15.04.2019 14:55
    Character name: ShiroZirhiel
    Channel: Elyanod4
    Previous location: Elyanod
    Map where you got warped: From Drabaki to Elyanod
    Other information: Last 3hp bar, here would be HHuni :(