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    Bonjour à tous !

    Désolé pour le retard mais c'est bon, me voilà en poil et en os !

    Je n'étais pas trop sûr de si je devais créer un nouveau topic ou utiliser l'ancien, étant donné que je techniquement je ne suis pas vraiment nouveau.

    J'étais le Coma sur Elsword EN mais j'ai été muté ici sur FR suite au départ d'Athéna.

    ENCHANTIER DONC ! Tout devrait bien se passer, au plaisir de vous voir sur le Jeu, Forum et Discord !


    PS : Ara roxx :aramoustache:

    PPS : Envoyez vos rapports de crash par tickets


    Greetings, Heroes of Elios!


    I haven't been here for that long but it is already time for me to leave the Elsword EN community.

    I won't be going very far away though, my name will keep haunting this board forever and ever! *very evil-ish laugh*

    Ahem - The new Community Manager will introduce himself during the next hours/days and the change will be fully effective on Friday.


    It has been a great pleasure to take care of you! (Send more crash reports please)

    Make sure to be nice with the new Coma.





    Good morning Heroes of Elios!

    We'd like to present to you today Kicka, a very talented Elsword Cosplayer!

    We had the chance to interview her and to have some insight about the cosplay universe, what it takes to create amazing cosplays and especially as an Elsword Cosplayer.

    You can find below the whole interview.

    Enjoy! 😊


    1.)    How long have you been a cosplayer?

    I started with my first cosplay in 2009 at an Italian convention called Lucca Comics and Games.

    2.)    Why did you become a cosplayer?

    Some years before I became a cosplayer I went to these comic/manga cons as a non-cosplaying visitor and immediately fell in love with these people who wore costumes of their favourite characters. So, in 2009 I decided to try this experience with my friends. From that day on, I've learned to sew, to make props by myself and to do other things with different materials.

    3.)    Do you have any cosplay role models?

    Yes, I think every cosplayer has a role model they follow. I have some cosplayers that I love very much. These role models inspire me to always keep improving myself.

    4.)    How often/when do you work on your cosplays?

    When I start my projects, the first step is to choose which materials to use for the actual creation of the costume.

    The second step is to create the models of the piece and to copy them with the real materials (EVA foam, forex, fabrics). This step is usually quite long, as I pay a lot attention to the details. Usually, I craft a costume in 4/5 months.

    5.)    How many cosplays do you make in a year?

    Maximum is 3 costumes per year.

    6.)    Is cosplaying your main job? If not, what do you do for a living?

    No, I'm working for an IT brand for smartphones, so I'm not a full-time cosplayer. I also have other hobbies in my life, for example traveling around the world!

    Elsword Cosplay

    1.)    Do you play Elsword or have you played it? If so, which class?

    Yeah of course! I remember that I started playing Elsword when the Italian server didn’t even exist, so I was playing on the French server. I played as Rena Grand Archer, my most favourite Elsword character.

    2.)    Why did you choose to cosplay Laby's third class change path?

    I was contacted to create Laby’s first class. For me, she had a very childish appearance, which didn’t really fit as I don’t have a child’s face haha! So, I decided to make the third class change costume and the details. I love Elsword because the game pays a lot attention to every character, costume, colour, detail and weapon.

    3.)    What were the first steps in making your Laby cosplay?

    The first step was to choose which fabrics to use for her body and jacket, because some parts of the body and jacket have two or even three colours. I've chosen a fake elastic leather for her: I love the effect that the fake leather gives the costume.

    After this, I sewed the belt and created the pieces to use as a shoulder plates and hands with EVA foam and Plexiglas.

    4.)    What was the hardest part of making your Laby cosplay?

    The shoes, because I had to create them from scratch. Sorry, but I hate creating shoes by myself as it's very hard to get the shape and the details they have.

    5.)    How long did you need to make your Laby cosplay?

    I needed one month in total to create Laby’s costume.

    6.)    Which Elsword characters have you made a cosplay of and which of these is your favourite?

    My old Elsword cosplays are Rena Grand Archer, Rena Night Watcher and Elesis Evil Tracer but my favourite is always Rena Grand Archer.

    7.)    If you were to create another Elsword cosplay, which character would you pick?

    I will make another costume of another Rena class change and maybe even Elesis Empire Sword!

    If you want to see more amazing cosplays and photos, make sure to check out Kicka's and Sebastian's pages!

    Kicka’s Social medias:

    Her photographer, Sebastian Lanzara: