Feedback thread: Elesis & Lu/Ciel Master Class, Events and Shop Update 29.07.2020

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  • Dear community,

    Another week of new things to play with is ahead of us and once again we would like to listen to your feedback about it!

    You don't know what's new this week?:

    Let us know what you think about it. What did you like? What did you dislike? How can the things you didn't like be improved in the future?

    This feedback will be sent to the appropriate people at Gameforge along with the rest of the feedback we gather on a weekly basis from other places.

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    Your Elsword Team.

  • Hi Senak,

    first of all shouldn't it be "Second step on the path of new power"? Luciel/Elesis were the second Masterclasses that got released.

    Outside of that, I haven't seen anything about the events either bugging out or outright not working. My only gripe is not being able to choose whether I want the alternate sage stones as Treasure rewards or the regular ones.


  • Hi,

    i like the new Rosso Dungeon and the Masterclass for LuCiel / Elesis.

    but i hate events like the treasure, because it's impossible for "normal" players to get something really good without cashing. It feels to me like they're saying: "Hey you cAn get good items.... nah jk we're just pretending. Cash or you won't be able to."

    (Plus Alpha is fine by me)

    and i dislike the fact that as far as i know, the Masterclass doesn't get a Voiceline on Elsword EU.


  • any update that came has revolved around RNG apart from the masterclass' quests, the respective EL masters accessory and the avatar sets

    - upgrade event lets you succeed with 0€ or in 350€

    - treasure hunter lets you pick one out of ten locks, the reward for getting it right once isnt that great, you'd have to guess right multiple times in a row during the event (would be another thing if it isnt gate keeped around 1 coin per day for non casher)

    - IBs apart from the one craftable accessory still can just not appear even with 100 IBs used (600m+ btw)

    - you still need luck to drop artifact stuff (give similar pity system just like the EL master coins?)

    btw.: noticed how the charts for the cash shop relevant stuff are better created compared to the game content?


  • But meanwhile, they give you "Upgrade event", which give a chance to enhance your weapon for free. And that's good.


    btw.: noticed how the charts for the cash shop relevant stuff are better created compared to the game content?

    By the way, when it's not like this? This game in first place was focused on customisation. And maybe you forgot, but in first place, late game in this game is ALWAYS about grind in same dungeons, over and over again. Which content exactly you want? Pls, man, try to see good things too.