[OPEN] Become a part of the Tech Team

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    Join the Tech Team
    We are currently looking for new members to join our tech-team. You are a passionate gamer and you would love to help testing the newest Updates? If you can meet our requirements we’ll be happy to receive your application.

    What are the tasks of the tech team?

    • Testing the functions and content of a new patch on a test server before releasing it
    • This includes: playing through dungeons, completing quests, checking whether a bug has been fixed, checking/testing new items,
    • Bugs that have been found during tests need to be reported to KOG (developers of the game) in English so they can fix them
    • Communication with tech team members of other language versions to check whether the bug can also be found in their version


    • You have to be at least 18 years old
    • You are a native English speaker or speak English fluently
    • You are interested in Elsword
    • Windows, hardware and software skills are an advantage
    • You love working in a Team

    What should you include in your application?

    • Your nickname
    • Introduce yourself
    • Which games are you playing or have you played?
    • Do you have any previous experience regarding this position or similar one?
    • Why would you like to join the tech team?
    • How much time can you invest into this?

    Please send your applications in English to tech-team@elsword.de

    After sending an application you'll be informed by E-Mail about our decision/ receive further instructions. Please keep in mind that this may take a while. We're looking forward to receive your application!

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  • Bump!

    The UK Tech Team is looking for new members to join their ranks, and this could be you!

    If you love Elsword, you meet the requirements and do you like what a member of the tech team does, what are you waiting for?! Send your application now! Read the post above and make sure you send all the requested information to the tech team email!

  • Hello Hello,

    The UK Tech Team is looking for new recruits to join them as fellow Tech Team members!

    If you like Elsword, do not mind spending time helping out and meet all the requirements in the first post, follow the information provided in the first post and send your application to the Tech team Email provided!
    Best of luck in the applications!

  • Hello everyone,

    The Tech Team is still looking for new Heroes of Elios that would like to join our ranks.

    Do you like Elsword? Do you enjoy testing the game and reporting bugs? Are you able to communicate with people in English? Then you might be the right fit for us!

    At the moment we're looking for Tech Members for any of our six languages so if you're interested, send your application! (Remember, it must be in English)

    We look forward to your applications!


    Your Elsword Tech Team.