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    :CoBofriends:Elsword players!

    Happy to inform you that we have 2 new promotions today!
    Our little trial [GM]Lumiere has lost his T from the TGM title and is now officially a full fledged Game Master and our lovely Holo has sprouted an S next to her GM title so now she's officially Super Game Master.

    Thank you for your time and patience with us and hope you keep staying with us for the days to come!

    :glimmering: Hello.

    It seems we have another Trial Game Master joining us today right after the last one yesterday!
    Everyone can say hello to our cutie wolf Holo as she seems to invade Elsword EN Teams Grain Fields for her naps.
    I hope she has a nice time among us in the Team but still does not get lazy for our Community sake!

    Unforutnately, due to Large Time constraint put on me, I cannot continue doing these streams at my own leisure.
    I am extremely sorry for not bringing such news to everyone sooner.
    However, do not worry, we shall try to make these sort of streams happen with other sort of events that at very least shall bring some rewards to the table!
    Once again, I am sorry for the neglecting my idea of the event.


    Hello Hello,

    The UK Tech Team is looking for new recruits to join them as fellow Tech Team members!

    If you like Elsword, do not mind spending time helping out and meet all the requirements in the first post, follow the information provided in the first post and send your application to the Tech team Email provided!
    Best of luck in the applications!

    Heyo, Memo here bringing weekly dose of procrastination and apologies.
    Due to my real life responsibilities and this month being busiest of them all, I shall not be making any Weekly Streams ONLY FOR A MONTH (so until September).
    We shall come back next month and for that month what we can expect?
    at least one of these things:

    For now that is all that is semi-planned, in the meanwhile
    Here you can have a playlist of previous Elsword EU Community Interaction events:

    They are roughly 2 hours each (apart first one being almost 3 hours).

    Also, if you wish to suggest some sort of events, want rewards from these events or wish to give advise towards streams or youtube videos themselves feel free to write a suggestion at our Feedback and Suggestions thread of Elsword EU Community Interaction event!
    c'mon just do it, write them suggestions so I can slap my superiors with positive feedback and spoil the cr*p out of you all.

    Unfortunately, as a fellow Brave user, there is nothing for us to do.
    We shall look into this further and forward it.
    From personal Experience, I would suggest opening the websites you need prior to launching Elsword (f.e, open Youtube and open at least 1 video to browse through Youtube videos while Elsword is running)
    sorry for the inconvenience :(

    ---Cuz edited cuz of my misunderstanding---

    Videos of last 2 weeks!
    cuz I definitely did not poof the other 3 weeks
    4th Community interaction event where we played Fashion!

    5th Community interaction event where we gambled, I mean rolled dice.

    Sadly they are full stream videos so 2 hours + each ^^, hope some people that find this thread and be like "the hell is this about checks them out.

    Thanks to all of ya who came to this Weeks Weekly Community Interaction where we had a Fashion Disaster mini-event
    I hope all of ya that participated enjoyed it!

    Shoutout to:
    Mr. Rectangle man, the [Triggered] Duo couple (still not sorry for giving you less points than your waifu), HotRamen, , lMiuAra, Everyone (Yes it's a player name), Orion and many others who came to have fun :)

    See you all Next Week!

    It is a bit late to announce this buuuut
    Due to Ongoing Double EXP and Drop rate event (6/13-6/14), we shall cancel this weeks Interaction event and do it next week!
    So those that wanted to interact with us feel free to not worry and Farm in Elsword!
    *throws water droplets around* May you have a blessing of a Memo and get a very valuable drop to whoever sees this.
    and hope it is not 2x event next week too

    Tomorrow is yet another Friday!
    and We are not stopping This event just yet.
    Go to First post and pick what you wish to play next with us on stream!

    I am sorry for the slow notice though :P

    For the sake of each Mini Event I'll explain the rules here.

    If there are any further questions regarding rules I'll either explain during event or you can DM me on Discord ( Memoritter#1649 ) or here on Forum via Conversation Function!