BUG IN THE NEW EVENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (NEW YEAR)

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  • Actually the end of the event you're speaking of is not today at all. (If i remenber well it shold end in the middle of january)

    The bug was already reported to the team so they should fix it in some days (I hope), so till that thay we just need to wait and pray for the fix

    (Don't write in caps is not polite at all)


    E ricordate che la forza dell' :xbutton:spam sia con voi! :swag:

  • Hi there SrNextran ,

    First and as you've been told already, please don't use all caps within your posts. In the internet "language" this is taken as someone shouting and it isn't considered polite. Additionally, please remember to use the correct tags (you've choosen Forum instead of Game when you opened the thread to report a bug that is directly related to the game) but don't worry, I've changed it! ;)

    As EndeDasChaos said, we're aware of the issue with this and it was forwarded as soon as the event was live and we noticed it, however since we're in the middle of New Years Eve it might take longer than usual to get this shorted out.

    Hopefully they'll fix it as soon as possible and they'll reactivate the event, as soon as we get any information about it we will let everyone know.




    투명함이 사라진 표정과 자세

    My expression and attitude lack transparency

    이젠 들통나지 않는 가식

    Nobody sees through my fake attitude

    거짓말이 익숙해져 버린 나

    I'm used to lying

    내 어릴 적 순수함은 어딨나

    Where has my innocence gone