• Say, How come that i still get so many disconnects despite, you guys doing a Maintenance which LITERALLY took the whole day and it didnt even fix it properly.

    I never had so many d/c's in my entire playtime of Elsword which is a pretty long time.

    Would be nice to get some answers on this and no my Internet is working as good as always neither is my PC doing some sh*t.

  • As far as I am concerned, I didn't have any connection issues until now. Please do the following and check if you are still getting disconnects:

    • Check that neither your antivirus nor your firewall is blocking Elsword
    • Close all other applications before starting Elsword


  • I can confirm, that connection issues still arise with little more than the client itself installed and even less running. Granted, it's less frequent than it was before our special maintenances, but I can imagine problems to still occur for a number of players – especially more often those, who don't have the luxury of being able to boot a spare PC just for one game.

  • Jea, i pretty much get a DC everday after midnight. It doesnt matter what dungeon or mode i do, just happens randomly at least once per day!

    Even when only using Elsword, shutting down even the antivirus software.

    Often “no connection to server“, sometimes just closing down without any message what so ever!

    Also, that party bug when starting dungeons is still a hassle QQ.


  • I'm getting theses DC's too everyday like 2-3 times... mostly when I'm in a pvp match.

    And as you can see it's not only me or my Internet-connection or something else from my PC that cause the game to crash.

    How many people have to report the DC-Issues until GF is doing something?

    please Game Forge do something about it!

    (and yes i know that there is a maintenance right know)

  • Another DC during the raid.

    I am waiting for a compensation of all the keys I've lost due to your unability to fix a gamebreaking issue that is existing for several patches.

    I am back to playing League.

    Hit me up when you fix your game.