Game Rules

Attention! We are receiving reports about SCAM attempts, which promise you to get Elcoin for free after submitting your account data on some pages.
We advise you DO NOT TO CLICK on such suspicious links and do not share your account login/password with ANYONE.
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  • Elsword - Additional Game Rules

    Welcome Adventurer,

    Be sure to make note of these rules, which should help to enable peaceful cooperation between adventurers.

    1. User Accounts

    1.1 Naming

    • Names of players, guilds, groups, PvP rooms, pets and so on which have far-right extremist backgrounds, or which suggest pornographic, racist, inflammatory or illegal actions and/or activities as well as offensive names are forbidden and may be renamed by the Team or even banned.
    • Special characters are also not permitted. Only the Latin (English) alphabet is permitted (no Arabic or Asian characters etc.)
    • The use of team member names is forbidden. Characters that have such names or attempt to imitate them will be banned immediately without any prior notice. It is also forbidden to create names to offend another player or guild.
    • It is not permitted to include any of the following abbreviations at the start of your character or pet names: GM, SGM, GA or CM.
    • Pets are included in this rule.

    1.2 Access Details

    • All players are required to keep the access details for their account secret. It is not permitted that these details be passed onto third parties. No responsibility can be taken for any harm incurred through carelessness. An infringement on this rule can lead to a permanent ban of the account.
    • Please select a secure, long and complicated password, and use the pin-pad function available to you in the game. Note that the Elsword team will NEVER ask for your password.
    • It is also forbidden to ask other players for their account details.
    • The usage of disposable emails or unsecured email boxes is forbidden.
    • The email linked to your user account is the main communication path between you and the Team. Please check it periodically.

    1.3 Multiple Accounts

    • A player is allowed to own and operate multiple accounts. If an account is banned permanently, all other accounts associated with the affected user IP address may also be banned.
    • Different users are allowed to use the same internet connection and play together in that way.
    • But the use of multiple accounts simultaneously on the same computer is not permitted.
    • The use of 2 accounts on 2 computers at the same time is only allowed if you're using one of those accounts to exchange items and/or open a stall.
    • Any active gameplay action that is executed at the same time from more than one account you own is strictly forbidden and can be punished with a permanent ban.

    1.4 Account Exchange, Gifting and Trading

    • The exchange of an account is not permitted as described in the terms and conditions.
    • Additionally, accounts may not be gifted or sold. Breaches of this rule will result in a permanent ban for all those involved.

    2. Behaviour

    2.1 General Conduct In-game

    • Please remain polite when interacting with other players and do not use language that could be considered offensive. Threatening, extorting or intimidating other players is forbidden and will be punished.
    • If you believe that someone is breaking the rules, contact a Team member. The incident must be documented in the form of a meaningful screenshot (full interface) or a video to enable us to fully understand the incident. This may not be altered or have occurred more than 3 weeks ago.
    • No two breaches are the same. Some users may feel offended more quickly than others. We treat matters on a case by case basis and adjust the punishments to suit each unique incident.
    • Forcing other users to do something they do not wish to do is forbidden and will be punished with a permanent ban.
    • Stigmatising or condemning other players, no matter whether the incident relates to truth or not, is not permitted.
    • Impersonating other players and/or any Team member is strictly forbidden.

    2.2 Real Life Threats

    • Threatening fellow players, Elsword Team Members, Gameforge officials or others is strictly forbidden. Breaches may additionally lead to an exclusion from all Gameforge platforms as punishment. We reserve the right to take further legal action.

    2.3 Behaviour when Trading with Other Players

    • Deceit during trading is not permitted; care should be taken, especially where it concerns new players and their lack of experience.
    • Repetitive requests for items, currency or anything else is punishable.
    • A refunding of items that have been lost as a result of ‘trading fraud’ will not be granted. The Elsword Team is not responsible for initiating a return of items.
    • Any kind of trading contact with gold sellers is forbidden. This includes the receipt and transfer of goods as well as making any sort of trading agreement.
    • If there is suspicion of a supposed gold seller (also including messages sent by mail), this should be promptly reported to Support, otherwise a game exclusion cannot be ruled out. Reporting after the event is not possible.

    2.4 Behaviour when Playing with Other Players

    • Leeching or any form of intentional AFK during active gameplay sessions is forbidden.

    2.5 Chat In-game

    • Please be aware of the tone you use when speaking colloquially – vulgar language can be punished, even if it is not directly insulting or if it's censored.
    • Please do not spam. Repetitive sending of the same message is not permitted.
    • Links that are not related to Elsword are forbidden.
    • Messages that relay information on cheats, hacks, bots or similar are forbidden and will be punished.
    • It is forbidden to advertise other websites or games that are not part of the Elsword website or that are not associated with Gameforge. It is however not against the rules to purely mention such things.

    3. Bug Use / Exploits / Manipulation

    3.1 Bug Use

    • If you find a bug, you should report it immediately. This can be done via the ticket system, the IRC or in the forum.
    • Those that use a bug to their advantage will risk an account ban.

    3.2 Client Manipulation / Scripting

    • The manipulation of the Elsword program is expressly forbidden. Those that use other game-related software which is not published or approved by Gameforge 4D will lose their account.
    • The use of the ‘Sandboxie’ program is also forbidden.
    • It is forbidden to use programs which carry out automation of game processes. The use of bots/keyboard simulators and the macro functions is also not permitted and will lead to a permanent account ban.

    4. Warnings / Sanctions

    4.1 Team Interaction

    • Team members have the following details before their name in the game: (GM) (SGM) (GA) (CM) / (CoMa). Characters that do not use or use this in some modified way are not part of the team.
    • Team members are not allowed to give you items, gold, El Coins or anything else (outside of special in-game events). They will also not help you to gain a level. Please refrain from inviting Team members into your party, guild or friend list.
    • Instructions and decisions made by the Elsword Team must be adhered to and respected.

    4.2 Punishments

    • For breaching or breaking the rules, the penalties can be any of the following: warnings, kicks from the server, blocking of the account.
    • The punishments are assigned depending on the severity of the rule breach. The Community Manager reserves the right to evaluate that severity.
    • Game, forum, IRC Channel and the Support service: serious and/or repeated violations committed on any of these may have repercussions elsewhere.

    4.3 Procedures for Objections to a Ban/Sanction

    • Public discussion of a specific sanction is not permitted.
    • Should you wish to submit an objection, please do so via the ticket system.
    • If you are not happy with a Team Member’s decision, please ask the ticket to be assigned to an appropriate Team Member with superiority. That could be a Super Game Master, a Game Admin or even the Community Manager.
    • Please provide all the necessary information so that your concern can be processed quickly.
    • We will not process any ban objections if the ban dates back further than 1 month.

    4.4 Refunds

    • A refunding of items that have been lost through ‘trading fraud’, or due to carelessness (every player is required to keep the access details for their account secret) will not be granted.
    • The Elsword Team is not responsible for initiating a return of items.

    5. Users Events / Creations

    5.1 Events

    • Instructions issued by a Team Member must be followed. Not adhering to or following their instructions can lead to being excluded from the relevant event or even from the game.
    • Do not harass Elsword Team Members who are responsible for organizing the event.
    • It is strictly forbidden to ask for prizes or rewards.
    • Participation in an event does not guarantee a claim to a prize (items etc.).

    5.2 Private Competitions

    • Competitions for prizes or contests that require an input from the participants are not allowed.
    • The Elsword Team is not responsible for any problem that can arise from private competitions.

    5.3 Fansites

    • If you wish to create a fansite or similar, and you would like to use the graphics or art of the Elsword website, you should first ask for the game management’s permission and support. Please send your requests to us via the ticket system.

    5.4 Graphical Material

    • Taking screenshots and videos of Elsword and to edit them is permitted. During the editing process however, no copyright-protected material should be incorporated. This editing applies only to usage for private purposes. Screenshots and videos that are used for evidence are not included in this scope: such videos or screenshots should not be edited.

    Please note that the Elsword Team reserves the right to ban accounts even without a breach of the above stated rules.
    Game management also reserves the right to carry out alterations or extensions to the rules.
    Elsword and all other Gameforge games are subject to the terms and conditions of Gameforge 4D.