Game crashes & Co: What to do?

  • Game crashes & Co: What to do?

    Are you experiencing strange disconnections from the server and you don't know what to do? Don't panic, follow those instructions point to point:

    • Be the PC administrator

      First of all, ensure that you are the PC administrator. How to do that?

      Control Panel > Users > User Account

      At this point look under the image of your account, on the right. If you see the writing "Administrator" then you are ok, otherwise contact the pc owner and ask him to be a PC administrator.

    • Update DirectX

      Even if you already have the last version installed, re-install it. By doing that you're sure that your actual version isn't somehow damaged or similar. Microsoft offers a tool that automatically download and install the last version of DirectX supported by your OS: DirectX Download.

    • Scandisk

      Maybe the File System has been corrupted and some file may be damaged. In all Windows OS there's a tool that is able to spot and fix errors on your disk. Please note that the whole operation could take a while: Scandisk

    • OS Integrity Check

      This function is used to spot and eventually fix any kind of system-related files errors and it's called "System File Checker" (usually shortened to sfc), you have to perform a full scan: SFC

    • Antivirus Scan

      If you have one, update it and perform a full system scan to check if your pc is infected.

    • Add Elsword to Antivirus and Firewall exceptions list

      The anvirus softwares usually have a live-scanning utility that checks every process during his exectuion and this could give problems to Elsword. Add those exes to the exception list of your antivirus and firewall, the Windows' ones too:

      - x2.exe

      - elsword.exe

      Plus, if your antivirus let you do that, exlude the whole installation folder from the scanning paths. Since every antivirus has his own interface I'm not able to give you a guide on how to proceed, you have to search it on your own.

      The only thing that I can provide you are the Windows Defender and Windows Firewall guides: Firewall | Defender

    • Temporarily disable your antivirus program.

      In some cases your antivirus software may interfere with gameguard or your client and prevent you from starting the game.

    • Windows Troubleshoting

      Believe me or not, it really works. First of all you have to follow this procedure. After that this one.

    • Perform a Windows "Clean Boot"

      Doing that we can be sure that any third-party application isn't loaded up when Windows boots. After doing that please don't open any application until the end of this guide. You can find instructions on how to perform a clean boot forWindows XP. Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and windows10 here.

    • Disable the "User Account Control"

      This operation is valid only if you have Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8. If you have Windows XP you can skip this point since this functionality isn't available in it.

      Before proceeding, I would like that you read carefully this article to understand what does the User Account Control is (usually shortened in UAC) and what kind of risks you could have if you disable it. I would like to remember you that you're always free to re-enable it anytime and that we're not forcing you to disable it. You just have to know that you're doing this on your own responsability. Some user gots a real benefit after doing that.

      Guide for:

      Windows 7/Vista | Windows 8

    • "Run as Administrator" and "Compatibility Mode"

      Sometimes you have to explicitly execute the game as an administrator. Please note that not all the OS have the same options so, if you don't have them, don't worry and leave everything as is.

      First of all, note that you have to follow those steps for all those exes:

      - x2.exe

      - elsword.exe

      Right click on the exe file, then click on "Properties". Get into the "Compatibility" tab and mark the option "Run this program as an administrator". If you're using Windows 8, please mark the "Execute this program in compatibility with" option too and then select "Windows 7" from the dropdown below.

      Run now the game right-clicking on the launcher icon and clicking on "Run as administrator" (you can do that only if you have Windows Vista/7/8 ). If you don't have it, launch it normally.

    • "IncreaseVa.bat" error message.

      If this message appears, close your game, go to the "data" folder in your game directory, find the "IncreaseVa.bat" file and execute it. After doing so, start your game again.

    • Due to the GameGuard folder storing lots of data since the very first time you've run Elsword, for issues related to GameGuard such as "Client terminated by GameGuard", you will have to:
      • If running, close Elsword Game Client
      • Locate Elsword Installation Folder
      • In Data folder, Delete GameGuard Folder
      • Run Elsword again and let GameGuard download it's files again

      In case of deleting GameGuard folder does not help, please follow these steps:

      • Zip the .erl Files Located in GameGuard Folder with Winrar, 7Zip or any other equivalent program
      • Upload it to MEGA, MediaFire or any other File Sharing Website
      • Contact Support regarding this issue and post the link inside the ticket

    I'm still crashing

    Please contact us through the support system:

    In order to help you, you have to provide some information:

    • A short description of your problem: when does the crash occurs, if any error message is shown and what points of this guide you have done etc.
    • Some screenshot of the "Task Manager" under the tab "Processes" in which you show us all the running appplication on your pc. If you don't know how to perform a screenshot on Windows, please follow those guides: Windows XP | Windows 7 | Windows 8
    • A DxDiag Reprot saved in a txt file. Sadly there's no official Microsoft guide that explain how to do that but if you google it, you'll find a lot of sites that will guide you step-by-step.
    • The results of a speedtest taken through this website on a German server in Karlsruhe. When the test is completed, you'll see a "share" button that will show you a link, you have to provide us that link.

    We assure you that all those data will be used only for the provide you support and that your privacy is safeguarded as described by the Privacy Policies.

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