Be able to remove the lock from previously locked objects or that they can at least use enhancement scrolls on them.

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  • The reason for this is that I know many people who have mistakenly blocked an object and can't improve it, making for example the enhancement event lose it in most cases. I find it totally irrelevant that an object you block cannot be unlocked or improved by means of enhancement scrolls (as these are 100% efficient).

  • To my way of thinking this is something they (KoG) want it to be like that.

    If you lock an item for a big period of time is to keep it safe, if you know you cannot upgrade the item you shouldn't lock the item. If you can unlock an item why lock it on the first place? If by any chance someone access your account, what's the "safe" part of him/her being able to unlock it and delete/steal the items?

    While I have mixed feelings about not being able to upgrade items (I believe it would be nice if you could upgrade the item with scrolls only and as long as the value is more than the actual upgrade level) I really think unlocking an item shouldn't be a thing.

    This is just my two cents on the subject as a player this doesn't mean we will not forward the suggestion if enough players ask for it ^^

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