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  • It's okay, wir hatten beide unsere Aussetzer :')

    Es gibt nichts was ich mehr hasse als unfinished pieces tbh. Ich hasse es, die ganze Zeit nur im Hinterkopf zu haben "da ist noch was was nicht fertig ist", "fang nichts Neues an bevor du das alte fertig hast", "es sieht ugly aus, arbeite dran".

    Hatte n paar solcher Dinger auf meinem alten Laptop die sich über Monate da eingenistet haben und ich bin froh dass ich die los bin weil ich kann das echt nicht sehen xd Und ich bin ganz schlecht darin, so Dinger zu löschen weil mAn wEIß jA NiE.

    Und UPDATE


    Apropos consistency :') Ich gehe irgendwie immer mehr in diesen raueren Stil über..?

    Mal gucken wie sehr ich das beibehalte weil ich zwar mega zufrieden bin was effort / outcome / satisfaction Verhältnis angeht, aber ich ja nicht der Mensch bin, der sich bisher mit was Bestimmtem permanent zufrieden gegeben hat :D

    Hat mich laut Procreate diesmal auch nur die Hälfte der Zeit von meinen letzten Zeichnungen gekostet. Irgendwie hab ich so meine Phasen, entweder mega schnell oder absolute Schildkröte

    Mal gucken was sich so ergibt


  • Ich durchlaufe ne schlechte Phase


    Her head is killing me, bestimmt 30x korrigiert


    Ich will zeichnen aber weiß nicht was..

    Und die Skizzen sind so meh, nicht schlecht aber auch nicht so.. motivierend? Hard to explain


  • Eternally




    Smeraldo (n.) ;

    A mythical flower, stands for the 'sincerity that could not be delivered'

    Took comparably a lot of energy, I don't know why. Maybe I'm just a bit more tired recent days.

    But I feel like green isn't really a color I can work well with, like.. it doesn't turn out as good?

    Idk but I guess I still like this piece.

    Also the first time ever I had no problems with his face. It actually looks like Taehyung without much effort, I'm so glad about that.. struggled a lot because of that before :/

    Anyways, hope you like it :kawaiipiggy:


  • D Y S topia




    Mein erstes Portrait von Jungkook, das mir gefällt ;;

    War am Anfang mega unzufrieden weil ich extrem an der Perspektive gestruggled hab, aber hab's doch rumgerissen :kawaiipinkeyes:

    Btw guess who randomly realized that she's been drawing almost nothing but K-Idols for almost a whole. damn. year.

    I mean my art style changed so much for the better and I improved in terms of anatomy so freakin much I would never trade that back but it's just a little crazy how I didn't even notice


  • Sketches pt.2



    Ref of the first one

    Just as I say I only draw real ppl, something sneaks in

    Maybe I should say I'm sad I can't draw landscapes, I want dat skill

    Second one is Taehyung again since I missed him and just wanted to get rid of some of my WIPs/Inspiration cuz I already got 10 different things I want to draw next, help-


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  • Dreams



    I love dark skin so much, it's so satisfying to paint idk why ?? Ever since I started drawing I don't think I drew dark skin once ? It was such a great experience (I wanna draw 10 more tbh)

    It's a lot harder to blend the colors with each other tho so that's why this one also looks way more stylized than my previous stuff but welp

    Stuck in some kind of art block tho even though there's so much stuff I wanna draw and experiment with, idk what to do ;;


  • C A G E D


    Ref + STIGMA short film

    Contribution to this year's pride month.

    Took quite a long time to come up with the idea and actually draw it.

    I'm already bad at side profiles so this perspective just killed me lol

    Stuck in some kind of art block again cuz I'm starting like 5 different things and don't even finish the sketch ahfkjsd

    Save me


  • Elegance




    This piece got me out of my art block for a day and rn I am back into it again yaay f dis

    But I love her hair, made a new brush and it's so fluffy uff >^<

    Don't expect too much from me for a while, got a lot of stuff that's draining my energy at the moment


  • La la laif

    I hate this phonetic inconsistency wow

    And can't believe it's been a whole month since I last updated here, sorry




    Some random watercolors of

    Taehyung, Yoongi and Taehyun (yes 2 different ppl)

    cuz I had a digital art-art block and always wanted to try watercolors


    Better quality

    Animation I spent way too much of my lifetime on cuz my batch ass thought it was a good idea to do it in my usual detailed style instead of anime.

    I learned a lot of what to do and what not from this one,

    so pray for me that I can actually pull it off on the next one I'm working on

    PS: I have no consistent art style


  • Spring Day



    New(/old) art style I won't be able to keep consistently?? Yaaaay

    But doesn't it look soo sweet and soft

    Thanks to one year of drawing BTS for giving me the basics to draw better "anime" style

    Need a little more practice tho, not everything's smooth yet


  • Hi





    Sometimes I forget this board exists I'm sorry

    This is stuff I painted in the order I did.

    First one also has an animation but Tumblr doesn't like it so welp

    Also my best friend art block is back so I gotta spend some time with them rn,

    sorry if I happen to not post for a while

    Oh right; in order

    Person [Ref]

    Jungkook [190703 BTS x ANAN Magazine]

    Taehyung [190730 가사 Movie VIP Screening]

    Ariana Grande [190802 boyfriend MV ft Social House]


  • I love it, I'm your fan

    Whaa thank you so much, this means a lot to me 🥺❤️

    And Update 💗



    Sunmi - Inspired by her song 'Curve' (곡선)

    Jungkook (I guess) - Draw This In Your Style by yawnxy on Instagram

    I just love color palettes that slide between cyan and rose, they harmonize more with me I guess

    Or maybe I'm just bad with warm colors lol that's why

    Had an idea of a bigger project/series but I can't seem to pull up the motivation or inspiration right now,

    it's driving me crazy ;;


  • Kitty




    Last one was made softer through photo editing

    I gotta say that I'm really starting to like this kinda art style?

    Love the softness n stuff but still being able to add some details where I want to

    Or maybe I'm just really relieved to have gotten out of my artblock rn


  • Habitual





    Guess who's back at semi realism with the only change being that I use linework 👏

    I guess I AM consistent at running back to old habits

    I'm bad at these kind of dark depressive color moods tho.. struggled a lot

    And I'm generally not too much into drawing recently?

    Ever since I finished that dtiys everything's just.. doing for the sake of doing, not because it's fun or smth

    Next one will be for Joon's birthday and I hope that by saying I'm gonna do it right here I can actually push myself through to make an animation again