Where do the players you struggle the most to win against come from?

  • Is there a specific nation that, in your opinion, has particularly good players? EN, FR, IT, ES, DE, PL?

    Note that when I say "players you struggle the most to win against", I mean it from an ability and skill perspective, not from a lag perspective... :rolleyes:

    Aka Ariela

    IT - DE - EN

  • From the bourgeoisie. Given that wealth is not distributed equally, there might be a bias towards specific countries, but I'd rather not infer someone's skill based on nationality.

  • Well, based on skill it's IT, followed by DE and FR. We'll see if that changes after Eclipse-Nerf though since every high-ranked IT-Player seems to use that title. It's hard to determine how much that broken title contributes though.

  • I don't know if it's still the case but I remember a lot of people from the French forums worshiping DE players especially one BM whose name I can't remember

  • unfortunately you made ultimately clear that win ratio is not based on players lag so i would say i mostly struggle against [De] players
    we got a Few bad apples in [De] that are overgeared and conceited, i never met someone who is not like "you are Sh*** because your gear suxx and mine is better in any way" they are mostly all the same...
    Lag wise even tho it doesn't count i say it's [ES] and some [FR]'s but anything else seems fine

  • Skill wise I'd say FR, DE and IT have equal amount of highly skilled players and they make me struggle the most.
    And ofc then there are ES players that make you struggle even in pve thanks to the lag, give them separate queues or something

  • I'd rather say DE first and IT then FR. I won't talk about ES (as you said we're not here to talk about lags) and I never saw a PL neither an EN in PvP so I won't say nothing about them xD But Antiaris is right, most of the french community thinks that the DE are better.