keep channels sorted consistently

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    make it possible to sort them (and keep them sorted) by name/popularity etc.

    also being able to highlight certain channels

    right now everytime i want to select a channel they get mixed up (i.e. rigomor 1 is at the top spot and the next time at the second lowest spot)


  • can you elaborate on why it is fine for you, there seems to be no reason for it to be that way

    and no, the channel with the lowest population isnt always at the top which adds another layer of unnecessary randomness


  • If someone logins they usually choose the first channel and the first channel is shown to be the most empty one, I think?

    That's why less filled channels will get full -> and that's good, so one channel won't have a too big population

    Imagine if the channels wouldn't move then Rigomor channel would have the most people


  • That's why less filled channels will get full -> and that's good, so one channel won't have a too big population

    theres this thing called preference and as someone who switches arond characters dozens of times per hour i can guarantee you that

    1) the majority of people have their preferred channel

    2) you will never always see the most populated channel at the bottom

    3) there isnt a difference between a highly-populated channel and an empty one - any performance issues i had (SO FAR) when visiting highly populated channels were caused due to external programs (Google Chrome eating the RAM away, Android Emulator/other games open in the background etc.)


  • The best would be that people could choose like 3 preferred channel (like on the character select) and the rest would go up based on the population. I doubt there will be a change like this, but it could be nice.

    I also noticed that there is not much people in Belder 1, 2 and Elysion 1, 2