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  • another MXTX fan :o

    *follows on twitter now*

    • Hi my dear fellow!! (*^▽^)/
      MXTX novels took a big part of my life, there's no going back //coughs

    • I only watched the MDZS donghua so far, because I wanna wait for the animations before I read the novels, but despite that I'm already in all three fandoms of MDZS, SV and HOB o/
      From what I've read and seen about them so far, I'm gonna love them all to death ♥

    • If you liked mdzs, I'm pretty sure you'll love them!! They're all so good ; u ;

      I started with mdzs too, and I ended up reading the novel, and now I'm waiting for s2 donghua. I can't still believe how smooth looking the donghua is, you can easily tell they worked so hard on it ToT

    • I hope someday the novels/donghuas and maybe manhua will be officially licensed in at least english, so I can buy them *-*

      Just a few days ago I found the translated extras with drunk lwj, they were so super cute I watched them a few times in a row

      And yes, thee animation of the donghua is super super smooth and awesome : D

      I just hope they will add at least a bit of actually shown romance in there, despite chinas anti bl/gay laws

    • Yeaaah! We're all waiting for a english printed version. I'm already throwing enough money at official merchs fjkdsjfslf

      Actually, if I wasn't told beforehand that mdzs was a bl novel, I wouldn't have guessed from the donghua alone T_T