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  • I need some real help on how to start this game. I have no clue how to get started at all and im only at the point that I am because friends helped me. Plz i need some guidance here.

  • ♥Happy new year ♥ *hug*

    • Happy New year to you too! :CoBofriends:

  • merci en tout cas pour ce que vous faites 💖

    • Avec plaisir :)merci à vous pour votre patience Dimanche dernier ! :heartlollipop:

  • :lollipophallo: HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! :champagne:


    • Happy New Year to you too <3

  • Hola buenas, el problema del pet bug... ya lo arreglaran? xd

    Feliz Navidad ♥

  • :cross: ABSENT from 21.12.2018 until 02.01.2019 → CM REPLACEMENT: Drestam

  • Hashire zorio kaze no you ni zukimihara wo PADORU PADORU!

  • Your banner looks cute :3

  • hi

  • *Hugs* <3

  • Nice signature you have there.

    Which languages do you actually speak/write?

    • Thank you! :floweredrose:
      I fluently speak English, French and Spanish. I also understand a bit of Italian, German, and Korean :)

    • So almost all languages in this forum.

      Is it easy for you, to learn new languages?

  • ;-;

  • bist schon eine geile xdx

  • Aimes-tu la raclette?

  • Holi <3 guapa


  • <3Hola Athenita <3

  • Athena !! <3

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