Undone - it's about time.

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    It's about time

    Undone is a guild that doesn't exist for such a long time and now we decided to make it open and international.


    ...are more PvE orientated than PvP (Skills)

    ...can speak English

    ...are friendly and willing to help, just ask us!

    We don't want people that...

    ...are flaming or toxic all the time

    ...can not other peoples opinion

    ...can only speak their own language and will only stick to it

    You are interested? Then we are looking for people with these traits:

    - are having fun in Elsword

    - playing atleast once a week (of course you can have a break etc)

    - atleast 16 years old

    - you can speak/write English on a level that people can understand

    - understand humor

    Also we do not tolerate discrimination or anything like that.

    It's cool if we would manage some static groups that farms daily but if you aren't interested, then you don't have to do so.

    We always prefer people that are more guild active than good at the game. No one ever started playing a game and was an instant pro.

    You can learn and improve as long as you have fun at the game.

    So...why should you join us?

    We are people willing to help. This all is on a take and give-base.It doesn't mean that you have to carry people if you don't want to. It just means that you shouldn't be ungrateful and just take everything you could get. We can farm together as a guild, we are interested in forming a Rosso-Raid Group.

    Gnosis is always in use.

    Are you interested? Write me a private message or add me on Discord Shira#2805.


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  • Undone Level 11

    Current Skills


    Current member (7):










    Verschollen (Twink)

    FuMyMind (Twink)

    Hilti (Twink)

    Thoughtless (Twink)

    Arilyn (Twink)

    Disgusted (Twink)

    Liar (Twink)

    Spitefully (Twink)

    Subconscious (Twink)

    MixMarkt (Twink)

    If you need someone to farm with, you can ask us straight ahead. Some of us are also playing other games.

    You want to join us? You can whisper us ingame (guildmaster and co.leader) or via Forum


    ꧁ ‿︵‿︵(ಥ﹏ಥ)‿︵‿︵ ꧂

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