So it's been a year...

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  • I wasn't on Italian forum when literally less than 4 Italian users asked to do a merge, I'm against that idea

    Oh my gosh, If you only had been there! You would have saved us-

    Anyway, I've always been pro-merge and I still am, despite the issues some of you have already mentioned. Why? Because many of our servers would have been completely dead at this point. (Smaller ones like IT, PL, UK)

    I understand that from a DE-point of view the merge had more cons than pros, since your server was one of the most populated and with the less PvP-lag in whole Europe, but if the situation had stayed like it was before the merge we wouldn't be able to do the Vanimyr raids comfortably due to lack of players (talking about my server) and we would meet thousands of times the same players in PvP using random matching. Not talking about how cancerous finding avatars for the less played characters would be.

    Talking about the lag issue some of you mentioned: let's face it, it's mainly caused by Latin American players, who, technically speaking, aren't even part of EU, so stop blaming the merge for this-

    The problem isn't the merge, but the fact that ES players aren't really Spanish, but Latin American. This isn't related to the merge, and can't be solved apparently. We just have to deal with it.

  • "We are very sorry, but your ping is above 100. Please fix your internet connection before attempting to run a multiplayer map or try playing alone"

    Is it too much to ask for?

    Like every 2nd map some laggy player makes my runs 2 times longer then they should be. I quit pvp just after the merge and not because of balance, but because of lags.

    I had more fun playing on PL server, waiting for ages to engage in PvP. At least we have full market and more competition.