Presentation and rules of the Marketplace

Attention! We are receiving reports about SCAM attempts, which promise you to get Elcoin for free after submitting your account data on some pages.
We advise you DO NOT TO CLICK on such suspicious links and do not share your account login/password with ANYONE.
Please report any kind of such activity directly to our Support. Thank you!


    :eeldrit: General informations :eeldrit:

    • Your transactions are to be done in the sections which corresponds to the right characters. No mix of characters will be tolerated.
    • Here's a list of available tags: [Open] if your transaction is in progress [Close] if your transaction is over.
    • Please reply only if you are directly concerned by the request / proposal of the author. Debates (whether about the price, the seller / buyer, or the utility of the object) have no place here. If you have something to report to the author please contact him via PM and do not post on the topic.
    • It is also forbidden to trade on someone else's topic, please open your own thread.
    • NO transaction in exchange of real money is allowed (whether an object or anything else), refer to " II.1 paragraph " of the game rules.
    • It is forbidden to make announcements for items which are not available yet.

    :eeldrit: Sales :eeldrit:

    • Only one selling thread per guild will be allowed.
    • In case of a item sale whose price exceeds the 700 Million PP or in case of scam, refer to the Information thread about scams.

    :eeldrit: Auction :eeldrit:

    • Auctions are reserved for sealed ice burner avatars & Shop items as well as for the finished equipment (improved, enchanted, crimped).
    • You can not have more than one auction at a time and it should not last more than 10 days.
    • You will need to provide all the information about the objects (level, improvement, crimping, enchantment, sealing, etc.) and the objects must be sealed.
    • It is forbidden to continue the auction if a person expresses the desire to take the object for direct purchase. It is also forbidden to make proposals if you do not have enough PP. The seller must agree to sell the item to the person who won the auction.
    • Each price proposal is final. In case of abandonment of a person, the auction must continue on the last price offered. In addition, relations between players must not affect the opinion of the buyer / seller on the proposals made and on the sale progress.

    :eeldrit: Elcoins / Elflouzes Trade :eeldrit:

    • For the purchase as for the sale of Elcoins / Elflouzes, please indicate the price requiered for 100 Elcoins/Elflouzes.
    • The buyer is allowed, beforehand, to ask for a screenshot proving that the seller has the number of Elcoins/Elflouzes required for the transaction.
    • Some items from the Shop are directly exchangeable and do not need to be offered. The buyer and / or the seller are allowed to request a direct exchange for these objects. (Permanent Skill Bar Extensions, Collecting Aura, Brood Crystals, Beasts, Mounts, Guild Bank Extensions, VIP Membership, Fluoritic Stones, Blessed Parchment Scrolls, Blessed Space-Time Reclaim Scrolls, Sealed Avatars (pay attention to the loss of the seal during the exchange))
    • The staff reserves the right to forbid access to the commercial section to certain users.