beginner friendly PvE Class?

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  • So I don't know if I should play Surya, Lord Azoth or Prime Operator...which is easy to learn and useful for farming and raid? :)
    Just started the game.

  • None of them. Rena, Daybreaker is the most beginner friendly class there is.

    Mediocre in clearing and easy in Raids, seriously, just use the Skill Ace in the Hole, hold the button and keep using mana potions once it runs low.

    She is THAT easy.

  • The person asked about one of those 3 classes, not something else.

    If you play Daybreaker only with Ace then please change your class, she's more than just one button gaming .

    Also is DaB kinda useless in Berthe Raids if you don't deal damage, so for farming switch to Anemos/Twilight for better (de-)buffing,

    Personally I would say Lord Azoth, atleast for me she was easy and fast to understand. Can't say anything about Prime Operator but afaik she should't be that hard either. Surya isn't here yet and I also didn't tried her on NA, so I can't say anything about her aswell. :(

  • Surya isn't here yet, but I remember one of her buffs' scaling on her CP (every 500.000 pts), so if you're looking for raids, people may prefer Suryas with a higher CP than you.
    Lord Azoth, as I remember, doesn't have any CP scaling buffs? Don't really know about Prime Operator.

    (Some players may be really picky, but if you're looking for a 100% pick on raid, go for Celestia. Nyx Pieta got nerfed but people still look for him.)