chene's drawings

  • Did some commission info

    E: forgot to include that I will open 2-3 slots at the same time, depending on the commissions.

  • @everything: I love it.

    That's it.

    No srsly, I saw most of it on IG already and I think they're so beautiful??

    I love the 3D effect you created and just the whole concept of the first one on #48! It's so unique

    This one holds so much energy even though it's so simple? I just LOVE the aura she has

    And the one after that is brilliant as well? Apart from your coloring (which I really admire, you manage to get so much depth and detail with cell shading like, I wish I could do that too??) I just love the "layers" you added to create depth? As in, starting from the scepter in the bg then the coat to the character PLUS the cat ?? The way you added the cat is just.. perfect, idk.

    @marinette I love the atmosphere you created in this one with the colors? It's warm but idk, maybe it's just me, but it's some kind of muddy warm? And it's not bright, so it has some kind of sad tint in my eyes? Like nostalgia or smth, idk if u intended that but it's just what came up to my mind when I first looked at it and it speaks to my soul

    One thing that put me off a little were missing shadows tho? Like on the ground from the pigeons or from her body on the bench itself? Because that's where it seems like those pieces of the artwork don't really belong to each other

    @maka I love the energy in this piece too! It's less than in the other one but still has some movement

    You also did REALLY well on the scythe or just in general the metallic parts? They look so great!

    Just that the part she's holding... der Stab (kp wie man das nennt), it's pretty thin? Like I haven't watched the Anime so idk if it's as thin as in your drawing but the way I see it it would be pretty unstable and sensitive but when was art and anime supposed to make sense anyways, so... I'll leave it at that.

    Her feet also seem a little bit too big? Despite her stepping forward

    But I'm a huge fan of her facial expression btw it looks so lively and tsundere like heh

    Sorry for the wall of text, I haven't said anything in a while (and u posted so much, it's ur fault) so I kinda felt the urge to comment on everything

    Can't wait to see more, your style is really something unique that surprises me every time I see it 💜