My Thoughts and Opinions about Elsword EU, BOTH Game and Discord Server

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  • Hello, it's been around a week playing on the EU Server,

    I want to share my:elsbook:thoughts and opinions about it since I can't get it off my head:bleeding:.

    (YES, It's problem that I had for years)

    Before continuing this topic/thread,

    • I want to remind you guys who reading this whether it's the Moderator's, GM's, and even Players of Elsword EU, that I am come from somewhere in the world that's away from EU. I have been playing Elsword since 2014 but take hiatus back to back due to I don't like the current state of the game, until 2020 which means right now.
    • I also want to mentioned to Moderators especialy, IF somehow this thread got too much heated and/or becoming sensitive, Im allowing Moderators to take this thread closed. :Laby:
    • The reason I say that in the beginning, because this thread covers on what's I like and dislike, and how I feel ingame and Elsword EU Discord. Why bring Discord to the mix? There's something I want to talk about, which many of you think the best way to talk about is on the Discord itself, but I don't want people really want to debate on it because of my perspective/what I feel about it. More on that later.:kawaiiain:
    • As I'm trying my best to keep follow forum rules, you guys also do the same. If you wanted to share your thoughts and opinions, please do reply.:push:

    Okay let's start!:addmoustache:

    Elsword EU is Different

    "Gossen, this is so obvious." Yes it's, but if you followed/saw my guides, you know that I come from Elsword NA/INT Server, which is different even tho it's still the same game. At first glance, Elsword EU is different because how prices are on the Item Mall and the Board. IB's like 7W right now, which is powerful, is so cheap both on the board and on the Item Mall if you decided to buy El Coins. To other stuff on the Item Mall, it's kinda basically the same but somehow I feel like it's more cheap, which is we are gonna talk about El Coins.

    El Coins / Premium Currency in EU are more in my perspective and depends where your location are, is more cheaper, and exchange rate from selling/buying EC using ED is low enough to the point I think this is Heaven:foxlu:.(Well to my understanding, it's cheap)

    But.., there a downside to Elsword EU Server, connection and updates which I will talking about it in different section.

    Connection Problem and Recent Network Maintenance

    The recent network maintenance is sadly disappointing to me, as I understand how EU Server have many players from different countries, this is bugging some of the players on the EU.

    1. I feel bad for [ES]/Espanol players. On the Discord Server, I see someone talking about this topic about like ES players lagging if they are the party leader(well I hope that's right what in the discord talking about), which is should be understandable not only toward ES players, but to all players. Not all players have great connection. Elsword has a server yes, but I think you already know that there is Peer to Peer connection, which is depends on party leader connection. In you party leader screen can be smooth but in yours delayed. You can tested with your friends by changing whos the party leader. My experience playing with ES players is okay and not getting angry for it. I only know that if he/she the party leader then I know im gonna have delay hits, if I'm the party leader, then maybe do the same to him/her.
    2. People from the community are getting DC'ed, which is frustrating if players are playing on dungeons thats critical like Raids. My opinion on this is kinda mixed bag. Like I said, EU Server have many players from different countries, which is understandable if we had connection problem when playing with someone, but I don't know what's the purpose of the Network Maintenance if it's not solved the connection problem. I can maybe understand why it is needed a Network Maintenance, so players can log-in/playing the game without having trouble with connection to the server, but well that's my guess, I don't know that's true or not.

    This is probably most EU players have in mind, that EU Server is delayed their updates like I think we supposed to get Varnimyr Raid changes and something like that. Anyway, AS MUCH AS I don't like how Gameforge delayed/seperate their updates compared to other server like NA/INT and KR. I'm 90% sure the Team knows what you want, but they can't give them to you. What I mean is that they don't have the power to do so. Yes it frustrating we got the same thing like updates gonna go on schedule. But please we need to know that they are likely don't know what's upcoming update is. This is makes me feels bad for the Team especially when I found out this pinned message the Discord #suggestion.

    Quote from Pinned #suggestion

    If you guys can't stick to very few and simple rules, it will eventually lead to either me not forwarding any suggestions here or ask for this channel to be gone, so please, let's be nice and follow the rules. This is reaching a really silly point so let's behave and follow the rules.

    Team Manager, Senakhtenre, and all other team are doing their best to make connection between us, the players, and the developers. And I know most of the suggestion are not getting fowarded to developers, there must be a reason why it's not fowarded even tho there are many thumbs up to it. The Team are not gonna tell to every single suggestion why it's not getting forwarded. :elswordcerealg:

    I mean, we as a player don't know what happening in the background. We don't know what's like to be them.(unless you have experienced it before)

    My point is that there no point to complaining, complaining, and complaining about updates being delayed/seperated, that's probably the cons having multiple publisher for a game, for different part of world we living on. (Imagine if it's only:crown:KOG is the only one who published Elsword and it's available for all countries)

    And Finally, Elsword EU Discord

    It needs a renovation.

    • In some way, the Discord Server are well organized, but channels like #guides-and-tips are basically turn into second #help-and-questions. Also there's a miss-communication between certain player and Moderator, especially with the recent Network Maintenance(or Attendance Check Event, I'm not entirely sure now). What happen is that a player asking about why he/she can't play Elsword, which I respond by saying like it's on maintenance. But a Moderator(which again, not gonna name and shame, its a miss communication, it happens)said we are gonna get pinged when the server is up and running, which it didn't. Then what I do is go to #english-disccusions tell everyone without ping everyone, that the server is online.
    • Now you can say that I'm in the wrong here, and I get that, I should have tell that to the #help-and-questions, where it can be see by everyone, my bad:tears:.
    • Now, I think the best solution for this is either A. Make a bot where it tells you the server is running or it's on maintenance. OR B. Create a channel/use already made channel to ping everyone that server is up. I think there already some suggestion similiar like this.:elswlike:


    • I hope this thread not hurting and/or triggered both side for the Team and for the Players, as this is the problem I see on the EU and this is all my thoughts and opinions about it. Again, I give a Moderators a permission to close this thread IF somehow this thread got too much heated and/or becoming sensitive.
    • I know that I can get backlash from making this thread, due to how not long I have been playing on the EU. But not everyone had the same thoughts and/or opinions, the intention could be same, but behind it in some way, it's different.:nasmegaphone:
    • Now you can say that I backseat(?) Moderator(or becoming like a Moderator) due to how I'm tell in the Discord Server that the server online and tell like we should check the website if want to see it still maintenance or not,(Which nobody tell me that, because it depends you want to help or not)but you know for pure honesty, I do have intention become a Moderator but I have like two things that are not qualified. Like having fluent English for example, I'm different compared to younger me who love to voice chat.(well more because english is not main, but I want to english language more)
    • Sorry for my bad english and grammer, but I hope you can understand.


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  • I don't really see the point of your post? 3/4 of it is just a backstory of who you are(and it doesn't concern the matters of the post) and the usual ES/connection/#WeWantFasterUpdates arguments that we've been reading for the past 2 years.

    The last fourth is a suggestion for the Discord, not for the forum, so you should've gone asking for it on the #suggestions channel.

    P.S. you can say that you came from voidels now, since it's closed no one will come after you, no worries

    EDIT: Ok I just noticed that you wrote this

    that I am come from somewhere in the world that's away from EU.

    and then this

    you know that I come from Elsword NA/INT Server

    so yes I was wrong but why would you hide something just to say it later in the post

  • Yes, I see why you said there's no point to make this thread. And yes I agreed that most of them is like backstory of me and others is the same rambling/talk about certain point that I'm write in this thread.
    Again, this my thoughts and opinions about EU Server, yes in someway like there no point to making this because now days people using discord instead of forums so the suggestion for Discord is pointless, I see that. And YES it's kinda more like my perspective or in this case new player perspective who come to "EU Server."

    Speaking of that you referring to, how do you know that I somehow involve with it as a player? As far as I know, dead or not, I do think we should refrain to talk about it.
    Yes it's true I am one of those players, but I played on my original country first then it died, then to NA mistakenly then to INT, then to theirs but only for limited time then not playing it again and somehow out of nowhere died, and now both back to NA/INT and start try to play on EU, which because something in NA/INT currently on something, I take off time in EU.

    If you dislike me because im one of those players, I can't argue with that, it's logical approach. But it's too much IF you(maybe not you, maybe someone else) harrassing us who involved with it as a player, YES we spending time in there, YES some of us spending MONEY on it(And I DONT), YES we who still like playing Elsword or having nostalgia from being involved with it as a player feeling GUILTY about it. Maybe im not speaking for anybody who involved with it , but that what on my thoughts about it. (AND IM SORRY BEING SALTY)

    Now, because there's no point just like you said and now I agreed with it,

    please Moderators to close this thread, I will check on DM's if someone including you wanted add/talk about it.

    Have a great day and stay healthy!:push:


  • Like I said on my reply, "maybe not you, maybe someone else". Im not acussing you for having a grudge with it, because I know some people still have a grudge with it, just happen like maybe month ago in NA/INT Discord, good thing it was handled

    Reason to hide it? Hmm.. maybe because I don't want people to just hate because im a player of theres?


  • Gonna close it :D

    Let me know if you want it re-opened! :closed:

    Let Nico know if you want it re-opened! *Runs away*


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