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  • It's been a while! I don't have much to show lately (because final exams soon). So here's a drawing I did a while ago. It was a commission for my friend, she asked me to draw her els character (Aisha) with my Ain.


    Since I get asked a lot lately, I'm going to make an announcement:

    Yes, I will open commissions around mid-December (so, I'd say in 1 or 2 weeks at most). No limited slots, but since I'm also accepting commissions on tumblr/twitter, I might not have enough time to take and then draw all requests. Please check my tumblr/twitter if you want to know when it will be open!

    And, I should have said that waaay earlier (but better late than never), thank you everyone for showing your support here! It means a lot to me! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ✧


  • OMG I have been looking forward for your open commission announcement :inloved: you have no idea how much I love your art:whisperkiss: Hopefully I can get a spot :blushes: I'll keep checking. your page:kittenkawaii:

    ~You got me tripping, stumbling, flipping, fumbling

    So clumsy 'cause I'm falling in love:rolleyes:~


    Made by Coco <3

  • Thank you everyone!! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و
    And stay tuned for future announcements! ☆

    And I did a drawing of Laby's first path. I'm totally hooked on her design ~



  • Hey!

    J'ai été surprise de voir à quel point tu es bon en dessin. Je les aime tous, mais la première illustration est celle que je préfère le plus. Je n'ai jamais essayé de dessiner parce que je sais que j'échouerai, mais c'est agréable de voir des gens comme toi :)

    J'espère que tu continueras à dessiner et à te perfectionner .

    Toutes mes félicitations!


    ~ There are those among us who are blessed with the power to save what is loved by another, but powerless to use this blessing for love themselves. ~

  • Heyo !

    Merci beaucoup, c'est vraiment encourageant ! Le dessin requiert beaucoup de motivation, patience et persévérance. C'est un long chemin, c'est vrai. Le but est de tenir jusqu'au bout !
    Je n'ai malheureusement pas assez de temps libre pour me consacrer pleinement au dessin (à cause de la fac en parallèle, qui me ronge tout mon temps libre). T T Ça ne me laisse pas beaucoup d'opportunités pour m'améliorer, mais je ne compte pas m'arrêter pour autant !

    Merci d'avoir pris le temps de laisser un petit mot ! ✧


  • 1.png

    So, it was my entry for the contest! I enjoyed drawing this a lot, even though I had to skip over lots of details because I was running out of time. k0SHbQ6m_rs.jpg

    Aaand, I'm happy to announce commissions are now open! No limited slots, but I will close them a week from now or if I receive too many at once.

    Please check out these links before contacting me!

    185.png English doc | French doc 185.png


  • Finally !!! Your drawing was so perfeeeect omg:love: and commissions opeeen!! yeeeiihhh:love:

    ~You got me tripping, stumbling, flipping, fumbling

    So clumsy 'cause I'm falling in love:rolleyes:~


    Made by Coco <3

  • tumblr_pbgpqaJhFM1unch6so1_500.png

    Omg, I love this picture sooooo much! xD

    No joke, your illustrations are so so so so soooooo perfect! I've never seen so nice self-drawn pictures since I was born!

    Please, Kuri. Do me a really important favour; never stop drawing! You're really talented/gifted(dont know the right word on this part...xD)!!!:virgo:

  • Happy Holidays! So commissions are closed, and I'm back with a bunch of commissioned arts! (at least those that are publicly posted)


    Commission for @_Slurpuffs (twitter)


    Commission for @Mazz_ewe (twitter)


    Commission for @Nabiryi (twitter)


  • It's been a while! I have nothing about Elsword to show, but sometimes it's good to see my take on other things.

    Under spoilers because content dump! (older to most recent ones; I probably forgot a few, but everything is posted on my twitter anyway)

    and yeah it's pretty much only about scum villain


  • Oh mince, c'est vrai que j'avais changé, mais c'était surtout parce que je joue plus trop au jeu en ce moment, du coup je comptais pas en reprendre... OTL