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    • You should send your entry through mail to: events@elsword.co.uk.
    • You can not copy. The drawing must be yours.
    • You can't sign it, it must be anonymous.
    • Your drawings should be related to Elsword.
    • You can draw it with pencils, PS, gimp, paint... Whatever you want.
    • You can submit your drawing until 07.04.2020 (23:59h server time).
    • The voting will start the 09.04.2020 and will end the 15.04.2020 (23:59h server time).
    • Drawings that don't follow the rules will be automatically discarded.
    • Members of the team of Elsword Europe are not allowed to participate.
    • You must follow this template:


    • Can I submit more than 1 entry? Yeah, you can submit a max of 2 entries.
    • Should I draw a character? Well, you can also draw pets, monsters, whatever you want! As far as it belongs to Elsword.
    • Can I add more parts to the drawing? Yeah, you can draw legs, shoes, etc... But the main part of the character must follow the template.
    • Can I add a background? Sure!
    • Can I draw more than 1 character per entry? No, 1 character/pet/whatever per entry,

    If you have any question regarding the contest feel free to send me a PM!


    First place:

    1.860 El Coins

    Second place:

    1.080 El Coins

    Third place:

    720 El Coins

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