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  • Hello,

    I do not know if I can apply here, so please forgive me for that.

    I'm looking for a person to do artistic creations (Fan'Art type), while adding a little animation. In itself, I do not necessarily ask much, so I'll get straight to the point before being explained more easily.

    I want an image of my "living" character. Here is an image of it:


    I have a lot of images of it, (ie in Chibi, sitting, with expressions, ect ...) but not yet an animated version, showing that he "lives". Essentially, this could help me in the future, as soon as I have time to give myself, I would use it for videos on YouTube. But hey, let's go to short explanations.

    You can create the character, exactly in the same genre (You can adopt your graphic style, as long as it is close to it) so as not to change the thing too much. I do not ask either that you literally make a dialogue or a presentative scene, but just that it moves a little (Like the character who moves slightly, or even moves).

    I leave you an example found quickly on the internet. (So do not take hard as a pure example!)


    If this can already be done, it would be hugely nice! After, if the person making me the animated image can possibly add an object in addition, it would be really magic for me!

    Here is the object, or would I rather say the weapon that I wish to add to this one:


    If this can be added, I would like to add 2 conditions, one of which can be quite annoying.

    The first is to do it with one hand, while the other is rather empty (like my basic image for example, see if you have better poses). This makes it very clear that at the base, he stays close to the Elsword character creating basic coming from my character in game, namely the "Immortal" specialization.

    The second condition, a little rough, would be to modify this one. Because as said in the first condition, it would be to make it as a sword with one hand. Outside this one is a two-handed weapon. To do this, here are the changes I want to make to this one:

    - Change the weapon to make a katana instead of a sword.

    - Change the color of the weapon (The yellow color by the white, and the blue by a little light red)

    - A pommel Japanese style of course, otherwise it would not be a katana!

    - If you're looking for a sword example close to what I'm asking, look at Solace's weapon.

    -Optional: If you make the sword animate in "Slice my enemy" mode, you have white cards to see which style of blade effect you prefer. (Incidentally, I would tell you my opinion)

    Here is! I pretty much said the trick of what I wanted! As for a commission or others, I warn you that I am not necessarily in wealth, but I could always try to see to offer you a due. (After, if you just want to practice doing this, and you do it for free, consider that I would love you from the bottom of the heart xD.The image of my character was made for free for example, because the one who l did want wanted to practice for an art exam in his university.)

    If you want more details, I leave you my Discord: ZoruaNatsu#1312

    (However, I warn you, I am not necessarily fortiche English side, so I would surely help me Google Translate to communicate with you if you do not speak French xD.)

    I wish you a good evening to all, thanking those who read my topic, as well as those who want to help me on the creation of my character in an animated version!