More seals to cash shop avatars

  • Hey

    So it's been a long time since I was hoping for this to happen and upon seeing some progress with the Ice burner's avatars which went from like 5 seals..I believe, to endless ones and to even no need for sealing it anymore, I find it quite unfair that cash shop can still only be sealed once.

    Since implementing back some old cash shop avatars is not even considered hence it's never going to happen, I find ridiculous the amount of times people would end up giving up on cs that they've been looking for since a long time just because it's not sealable anymore.

    Let's just say it y'all, this is like a joke.

    One seal is definitely NOT enough, we wouldn't ask for endless seals but it shouldn't be only one either!

    I don't know if this subject was brought up before, most probably someone already did, but then why do y'all keep sleeping on cash shop avatar?

  • Simply - because KR. But it'd be a nice change to have. And can they finish adding such sets to the magic wardrobe while they're at it? I've been waiting to add my B1A4 set for a long time.


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