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  • Por favor, necesito de tu ayuda, y decidí escribir por aquí, porque el sistema de tickets no funciona :c

  • omg I never noticed you had Dazai as your picture :o

    • Yes yes! That's Dazai xDD

    • So hyped for the 3rd season hopefully next year :>

      Really like Dazai-san, he's damn funny

    • Same!!! After watching the movie I can't stop waiting for the new chapters on manga, also I need the 3rd season noww!!

      And yes... He's goddamn great xDD

    • When Dead Apple wasn't yet anywhere to be found online, I kept checking every few days for a few months! o/ Had to watch it right away when it finally was up

      Haven't read the manga further than the anime went, yet

      I hope there will be some more scenes with Dazai and Chuya, their bickering is always so much fun to watch xD

    • What I saw in the manga there's more Fyodor vs Dazai than Chuuya and Dazai bickering. What I'd love to see is something like the second season. The first 3-4 episodes where about Dark Era Novel (that part doesn't exist in the manga). So if they animate the fifteen novel (when Dazai & Chuuya meet) then I'm going to scream because is so good (I read a resume about that novel).

      I have to say these two are my favs and I want to see them interact more. Also Ranpo is love. I'M TALKING TOO MUCH--- Sorry, I'm very into BSD lately and ahhhh I love this series so far.

  • slap my ass pls

  • Explicame como puedes tener esa belleza tan sexy.

  • Seniora noid, solicito abrazo.

    • ¿Abrazo concedido?(?

  • Aun me pregunto si Noid sabe usar bien el AP(?)

    • No, hace mil que no juego ya, lo dudo mucho, sabía más de BH que otra cosa sinceramente, ahora me he rebajado a newbie desde que llegó Elianod(?

    • (¿) Cuando lo desee puedo enseñarle a sacar el 100% de habilidad que tiene oculto (?)

  • oh si dame duro