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    Okey. Any medium on how to hide players in Dungeon, or at least hide the visual effects of their skills ?

    Because in dungeon (it's worst in Drabaki), you can't see the mobs pattern, everyone is throwing skills which makes noise, color, explosion, screen shake, sparkles, and sometime blind white your screen.... .-.

    (I think it's Ain who does that, not sure).

    Would be very nice to calm this down xD

    For less lag too as well...


    ça sert à rien d'augmenter la défense en PvE


    Je crois que j'ai jamais lu une aussi grosse connerie depuis mon retour.

    Si tu galeres en Fusion Theory avec 170 CP, vaut mieux attendre un peu pour Varni alors.

    J'ai 270 CP et 40 k en Defense, et je t'avoue que si je fais pas attention a ce que je fais ou si je suis trop pret des mobs, je me fais bang shot par les mobs (j'parle pour 12-2 et 12-3).

    Du coup a part augmenter la Defense (mais j'vois pas comment a part une methode onéreuse qui consiste a mettre son Corpo +9 ou +10 apparemment), je vois pas. Si quelqu'un peut eclairer o/

    I am dying 5-6 time for ONE run in 12-3.

    Basically, few hits are required for the mobs to take me down.

    The amount of Res Stone to farm the title is huge.

    I really don't know what to do for my Defense, as I can't upgrade my body part +10 yet.

    If I socket for Defense, I'll loose Crit and Maximize too...

    Is this the new mech, to learn mob/boss pattern, and try to avoid it at all cost now ?


    If you consider in 3 months Truffle should come out wich is way better than BlackMass..

    Thanks, didn't know because I am not informed for the current IB.


    Do you know wich Elya stones you need where (maybe with a grade of usefullness so you know what you could take if you dont get the right thing immeadeatly) ? or still need a rundown, i didnt see anyone mentioning it yet but maybe im just retardd.

    I am not sure to get it..


    The most basic way is by simply upgrading it

    Top and Bottom are +8

    Shoes and Glove +7

    Should I aim for +9 ?

    I just had a Void Weapon this morning, so my choice is made ^^'


    Enchant your armour

    Do you mean, enchant it with an Alchimiste, with Eldrit to have better resistance to Elements ?

    And thank for your answer.

    Someone said I needed to keep farming Add Theory for the Disk (red, yellow, blue)...

    I don't understand why they are useful ?

    Dear people,

    I have followed your advice and here I come with a new post and further question.

    Here is my character now:


    You should try to get a 3/3 Elrianode or a 3/3 Dimension of Sinister Intent. Both would be even better.

    I'm getting on it, however when I was farming Ranox in order to pex, I've noticed that the accessories have a rare drop rate... Especially the one in Elrianode and Elysion. Hence they are expensive on the Market Board... So it will take some time for new accessories.

    For the Void Weapon or the Rosso... I have made my choice and will stick to the Rosso. Kona you are right I should not waste my +11 on a Void but it is not possible right now to go on 12-7... I don't have friend to rush me and I think it's unfair even if I do (:


    You need 80% Maximize

    I cannot find the stat on the screen that I showed you...

    Is Maximize = Ravage ? (If a french can confirm).

    On my Elyanode Body part, it is full Red, however it is better to put Elite Stone or Unique Stone ?

    The Top and Bottom are +8.

    Socketed: Crit and Ravage (Maximize??)

    The Glove and Shoes are +7.

    Socketed: a lot of Crit, and Ravage (Maximize??)

    The pourcentage goes from 2.5% to 4.5%....

    Do you think I can reach more ?

    I have used theses:

    Refined_Magic_Stone.png  HQ_Shop_Item_109955.png

    What is the endgame socket gems anyway ? I've seen someone with 6% Ravage on their Shoes....

    I am aware that I will need to add additionnal slot for Socketing with this:


    One last question, my Defense sucks. I am like sugar, I cannot do 12-3 without using 3 or 4 Resurection...

    Any medium to improve my Defense, apart from sacrifying socketing slot ?

    Fair enough.

    Thank you!

    One more question, I'm getting my piece of Elrianode stuff, through the quests in Chapter 28...

    However the name is not "Elrianode Top", like I see on people in towns...

    I've tried to craft too, but again, all I got is "Elrianode Top of the immunity", or "Elrianode Top of the patience"....

    Why ? Do I need to keep crafting until I receive the normal "Elrianode Top", like everyone else has ?

    Also, I can't figure out how to socket a red or blue Stone on this Stuff....

    Okey I got it, thank you (:

    Thank you for your answe :P I will take note of what you said, especially for the % stats that you advice me.

    FoJ = ?? Drabaki ?

    Salut, merci pour vos réponses, j'ai tout lu même si ca ne me concernais pas et je me suis fait une idée de ce qui m'attend du coup (j'ai pas jouer depuis 4 and alors je suis largué).

    UneDinde si jamais tu as besoin de gens pour faire des DJ d'Elyanode, ca me pose pas de soucis.

    Vu que comme tu dis, quand tu vas en F8 des fois y a pas grand monde ou alors des fois chez les randoms, y a des perles.... Du coup c'est chiant pour farm.

    Envois moi un message, ou alors je peux t'add IG si tu es d'accord.

    Okey, thank you for the reply.

    I also got a guild now, they explained all of it on vocal.

    I just have a final question for you Sir.

    In order to get the Eldrianode set (the empty top, bottom , gloves and shoes that you can equip), I need to do some Epic Quest.

    According to Elwiki, I obtain the quests in Chapter 28 by clearing Dungeons.

    But currently I am stuck in Chapter 25, in the story.

    Possible to skip the story and go directly to chapter 28 to get the quest I want ?

    I am not online so I cannot check myself, and I am not sure we can do that, but I still ask you anyway 'cause you know a lot more than I do.