S] 5/5 SR + 4/4 MR + 2/4 Dusk Dawn, DSI and more... (Elesis)

  • [:poruopen:] Hello there,

    Nowadays I'm only playing Ara (Devi) and I decided to sell my old character's stuff or to trade it for the same, but for Ara. :trade:

    I won't divide anything. :rejected:

    Ice Burner Sets :

    -5/5 SR (Salvatore Rosso) : 2b (negotiable) : sold for 1b to YinFa.

    -4/4 MR (Mariposa Requiem) : 2,5b (not negotiable) : sold for 2,5b to GradyZell

    -2/4 Dusk/Dawn (Eyepatch and mouth accessory) : 1,5b (negotiable) : sold for 1,5b on the board.

    -2/4 LoH (Seal and Clip ; top and bottom accessories) ; 150kk (negotiable) : sold on the board.

    CashShop Costume :

    -Naho fox costume (the red fox suit) : 650kk (negotiable) : sold on the board.

    Dimention of Sinister Intent (DSI) Accessories :

    I can craft DSI accessories for 130kk/u (I don't seal) : sold on the board.

    [Asbolutely everything is unhanged with maximum Maximize/Critical value (even MR weapon)]

    How to join me :

    In-game : add or/w Karelia/Keelh.

    Discord : PainKeelher#3479 :message:


    I want you to join the fight against the raclette!

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  • Reliable and nice gamer. Nice and fast trade realised this day (Wednesday the 31th of January). I bought his 4/4 MR 2.5b

    Thank you for your good price and I hope to trade again with you :):):):)

    Flame Lord GradyZell lvl 99

    Clan : Hakai