Some Elyanode Stone

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  • Hello, i'm selling some stuff. :x (All Unsealed) (If i seal, i will up the price at the same time)

    Red :

    -Attack/Attaked 9%

    -Drop rate 10%

    -Damage Boss 9%

    -Stack +2 Strenght (maybe trade for a +11 Scroll)

    -Apollyon 9% (Shoes)

    Bleu :

    -Under 9% Hp, +9% damage (Shoes)

    -Strenght Stack +8%

    -Valkyrie's Javelin 11% (Up side ?)

    -Maximun Strike 12% (Shoes)

    -Shadow bolt 9% (Glove)

    -Black hole (Eve) 11% (Top)

    -Suppresion : Energy 10%
    Purple :

    -Drop rate 10%

    -Strenght Stack 9%

    -18k Hp

    -Lvl 28 Stone

    -15k Hp (x5)

    Mp me Here or in game with a price. Name : Kimitsuki

    I noticed, i posted on the wrong topic. Someone can move this topic on *Other* pls . (Sorry)

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