Elyanod Stones

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  • Brandish breaker 12% Red TOP
    Starfall 12% Blue Gloves

    Ejector Buster 11% Red Shoes
    Flying Kite 12% Bottom Purple

    Gungnir 11% Top Blue

    Black Hole 12% Gloves Blue
    Shockwave Divider 11% Gloves Red

    Lv 27 Top Purple

    Lv 28 Gloves Red

    Lunatic Fury 12% Top Red
    Land Demolisher 11% Bottom & 12% Top Red
    Luna Blade 12% Shoes Purple
    Stardust Shower 11% Shoes Blue
    Maximum Strike 10% Gloves Blue
    Brandish breaker 11% Shoes Purple
    Junk break 12% Gloves Blue

    Barbecue 11% Shoes Red
    Carpet Bombing 11% Gloves Blue

    +10% Strength Blue Stack
    +10% Strength Red Stack
    +10% Attack/Attacked Blue Top

    +10% Bravery Stack Red

    +9% Attack Group Bottom Red

    +9% Bravery Stack Red

    Rising Slash 11% Shoes Blue

    2 Attack Entch. Purple

    x5 3% Crit DMG Purple
    x3 3% Crit DMG Red
    x2 3% Crit DMG Blue

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