Forum/Postguide. The important steps to post the right way

  • Hello everyone. Due to certain circumstances, i thought i'll create a little guide for posting the right way.

    As we all know, there are rules in place in order to keep the atmosphere acceptable for everyone, as well as the untiring moderators.

    However, there are some additional hints i can provide, which do help to keep discussions at an approbiate level.

    So, adding to the already stated rules by GF, there is another very important rule which one should always keep in mind : "Think before you post"

    This doesn't sound so difficult right? And for some people, it actually isn't that difficult. But as to be expected, there are exceptions to that.

    Experience shows that said exceptions already fail at the thinking part, so i will explain it in more detail.

    So your thinking-process should follow these steps.

    Step 1 : Do I even have something useful to add? If so, go to step 2. If not, don't keep thinking and just don't post at all.

    Step 2 : Do I repeat something that has already been stated? If so, think about something else that still matches the topic, or don't post at all.

    Step 3 : Am I able to post my opinion/thoughts in an approbiate matter that follows the rules? If so, step 4. If not, calm yourself and try again later, or don't post at all.

    Step 4 : Is my post easily understandable for everyone and not only for some chosen few? If so, step 5. If not, refrain from using complex words and confusing sentences.

    Step 5 : Check your post for typos and other mistakes. It's not a matter of style, but to be understood easier.

    Step 6 : Post.

    Those are the basic steps. Now, you will certainly encounter a situation, in which those steps don't cover everything.

    But don't be afraid, I can help you here as well.

    So, we now enter the battlefield. Here you find people which don't or can't follow these steps for several reasons. Some of them won't even follow the rules most of the time. Namely those that are ignorant, trollish or not smart enough.

    Now, how to deal with those? First of, you don't want to play their game because if you do, you are at risk of getting sanctioned too. Also, you propably don't want to ruin your mood by taking their garbage to heart.

    Don't let yourself get "triggered" by any of their stuff. Those guy's are actually super easy to trigger themselves, which is the irony on all of that, and they don't even realise it most of the time. Nonetheless, provoking can already result in a warning from the officials, so refrain from doing that. Instead, be the smarter one and either ignore them or stop the discussion with those early. You usually end up repeating the same stuff over and over again anyway, which is something you want to avoid and that's also because you can't convince someone that is full-on ignorant or doesn't take anything seriously.

    Another important point is your expression of certain sentences. The phrase "stop crying about this and that" can be found in certain sections in the forum, and is actually a no-go. You propably ask yourself now : "Why is that a no-go?". The answer to that is simple. First, it's just an attempt to provoke/trigger and therefore just fuels any heated discussion. Second, as soon as the first person posts such a thing, multiple others will follow. Maybe because they think it's cool, maybe because they think : "the first person didn't get a warning for that, so i can get away with this too". Just don't. Take your provocation to a high enough level, and you surely won't be around here for much longer.

    If you consider yourself smart and/or mature, you should be able to avoid such provoking phrases.

    One of the greatest issues i have encounter so far, is the problem of reaching an acceptable understanding between people in a discussion. Usually everyone holds tight to their own opinion and don't consider the other ones.

    It's not rare that an official steps in and slows or stops the discussion at some point. I have another hint for this. Just because you can't agree with the others doesn't mean that you don't need to take the time to understand their opinion. As hot it can get, remember the step to think throughly before you post. This includes to be considerate of the others. You don't have to be as inconsiderate as unfortunatly quite a few are.

    There are still some points to clarify, but i think i'll break the characterlimit for a post if i continue here so i will save it for a second part of this guide.
    See you in Part 2 ;)


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