[Event] Miss & Mister Elios 2022

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    Hello there Elios !

    Today, we are happy to announce the international Miss & Mister Elios contest 2022! :CoBofriends:

    Do you like it when your cute Add desperately tries to get Eve's attention ? Do you like it when your Aisha unleashes her magic ? Perhaps you think your Noah is the cutest among them all?

    Then this is the right contest for you. Participate now and get a chance to win this fashion contest!:ncamera:

    For this year, we decided to make the contest more exciting. This year, we have chosen a new specific theme, and the contest will be available to every Elsword community! The theme we chose for this year : Elegant and classy. :ravenhipster1:


    • Only one character per participant is allowed;
    • The theme must be respected, otherwise your participation will not be valid;
    • A maximum of 3 screenshots for one outfit;
    • Screenshots taken through the Item Mall, Magic wardrobe or from your character window will not be valid;
    • Any modification to the screenshots are not allowed. Do not hesitate to hide the game UI before taking your screenshots;
    • The photo studio is allowed;
    • More than one player can appear on the screenshots but only the one who sent will count as the entry;
    • Mounts aren't allowed but pets are;
    • Try to remain anonymous throughout the competition. This could potentially avoid conflicts with other participants;
    • Elsword EU team members are not allowed to participate in the event;
    • Any identified alternate account will result in a disqualification;
    • False information in the entries will be automatically counted as disqualified. It is best to play the game to the fullest;
    • All entries have to be sent in the EU discord server (You can join the server here)


    In order to participate to this contest, you will have to get the "Event" role to interact with our bot. Then, you will have to write the command "/apply" in in the #event-talks-and-applies which will allow the bot to send you a DM. In this DM, you will have to write your in-game name, your forum name, a screenshot of your IGN to prove the accuracy of your game nickname, corresponding to the right character (you will have to show the character with), and send up to 3 screenshots for your outfit. If any of these elements are missing, the entry will not be counted as valid.

    NB: Note that only your first image will be anonymously shown on the discord server by the bot. The other images, if you wish to give more than one, will only be visible to us internally. Make sure to choose your first image carefully.

    You have until the 3rd of July, 11:59 pm(server time) , to participate to the contest.

    Once the 3rd of July passed, we will look through every entry and disqualify the ones that do not follow the rules. Afterwards, the jury, which will be composed of multiple Elsword teams, will proceed to the voting part to decide who will become the Miss and Mister Elios and dolphins of 2022.

    Votes from the jury will end on the 8th of July, 11:59 pm.

    The winners will be announced on the 10th of July!


    Miss and Mister Elios (1st place)

    4500 EC

    First dolphin (2nd place)

    1860 EC

    Second dolphin (3rd place)

    720 EC

    Show the beauty of your character, under his beautiful 31, we are waiting for you! :kawaiiwinkcat:

    Your Elsword team EU

  • Hello everyone!

    The Miss and Mister Elios 2022 event is over! Thank you all for your numerous participations. :greengiant:

    The Elsword EU teams have voted and we have our winners of this beauty contest!

    For the Miss category: :foxlu:

    In the rank of Miss Elios 2022, we have zaulconz

    In the rank of First dolphin, we have Leah

    In the rank of Second dolphin, we have Ehina

    For the Mister category: :addmoustache:

    In the rank of Mister Elios 2022, we have Stratos

    In the rank of First dolphin, we have Leanthir

    In the rank of Second dolphin, we have Carelass

    Congratulations to you! You will receive your rewards very soon!:swag:

    Your Elsword team EU