Aisha in PvE - which one?

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  • Hi,

    after a very long break ( almost 3 years ) I finally have the time to play again. Since I do not have an Aisha,

    I thought it would be nice to play her, however I am not that sure which one I should be choosing from the three classes.

    I've read sth like Oz Sorcerer > Metamorphy > Aether Sage, not sure if it's correct though...

    If you guys recommend me a class, I would be very grateful.

  • Oz Sorcerer I heard is really good for pve and I've seen more oz than meta and Aether, and the benefit of oz is that you can use her to grind raid weapon (if you choose to raid) since they want her as debuff, but meta is more buff I believe, Aether I think is pure dmg, but not as good as meta/oz for debuff/buff

    Hope this helps

  • Aether I think is pure dmg, but not as good as meta/oz for debuff/buff

    Aether deals the least dmg out of all Aishas. Her lategame is strong but gl getting that full +12 until then youre essentially a freeze n buff bot

    Meta is similar to AeS, essentially the phys version of AeS, primarily used for buffing. She has more damage than AeS but is slower and her skills are more situational

    Missing skills on her is significantly more punishing than the other two as her mana source is based on how much damage she does unlike Oz who gets mana for days by just existing or AeS who has her mana burst on a cooldown (granted I dont know if AeS players are still using that) - not like mana gain is much to go by these days with 6 100% Mp pots in your quickslots

    Oz is your to go char if youre looking for a "no effort huge payoff" char. Always demanded in phys and mag groups, has strong utility with web + buff and a lot of strong AoE abilities that can be used for bossing as well as clearing

    Diliges proximum tuum sicut te ipsum~

  • I played a bit with VP and she really is a lot of fun. Thanks for the suggestion(s).

    Then I would like to have this thread closed.