Shopupdate 15.01.2020

Attention! We are receiving reports about SCAM attempts, which promise you to get Elcoin for free after submitting your account data on some pages.
We advice you DO NOT TO CLICK on such suspicious links and do not share your account login/password with ANYONE.
Please report any kind of such activity directly to our Support. Thank you!
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    A wind gusted by the might of El will be blowing through the world of Elsword on 08/01/2020 (at 9 AM CET)! Materials of all forms and items refresh and the offering of the in-game shop will be changing.

    New in the Shop:

    Ice Sculpture Heater (Mecha General)
    Ice Sculpture Heater Pack (1+1, Mecha General)
    Ice Sculpture Heater Test Pack (Mecha General)
    Mecha General Eyes
    Fallen Nobility Pack (Elsword, cabal)
    Ice Sculpture Heater (Laby, White Dragon: Serbius)
    Ice Sculpture Heater Pack (Laby, 1+1, White Dragon: Serbius)

    The following items will be removed from the shop:

    Master Tailor Pack
    Plus Alpha Pack (Shaviana Truffles) 01
    Plus Alpha Pack (Shaviana Truffles) 02
    Pet: Fennek
    Summoning Stone: Shaviana Carpet
    Ice Sculpture Heater (Shaviana Truffles)
    Ice Sculpture Heater Test Pack (Shaviana Truffles)
    Shaviana Eyes

    Have fun shopping!
    The Elsword Team