Problem About Guild Recruitment

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  • Original post : Les posts de guilde

    Hello to all of the Elios adventurer
    My suggestion follows a discussion with two french forum mods and my guild master.

    I'm one of the vice-leader of Kuragami. The guild is well doing, and, willing to spread it to all the communities, i undertook to post our translated presentation little by little on the different forums, stanting by the German one, because of the German admin and players on the guild. The meanning : Make Kuragami joinable by all the language, starting by translate our presentation.

    So we inquired to the moderator if we can do all of it. The answer, a no, is a bit annoying.
    The solution is that if a guild wants to open to the internationnal on the forum ( So open an other topic on an another languageà ), she had to close the first topic ( The first one, on her language ) to recreate it on another section ( On our case, German or Internationnal first ).

    The International guilds and groups section of the Community Area category is both seen and ignored. By this I mean that the French and Germans player are not going to look in because they will search in their own sections. To be fair, there are not many guilds that recruit in this category. However, we are looking for foreign players while wanting to continue to effectively recruit our French pearls. So, post at least in German and French, since we already have these communities there.

    Moving our post would be like saying goodbye to French recruitment and would require us to write in German or English all the time. But not moving it limits the recruitment of other communities. Moreover, in the forum rules, it's written nowhere that we cannot translate our recruitment into several languages. So what do you think of this "rule"? Is it normal, for you, to limit the guild posts by obliging them, in the case where they are international, to post only in the international who is nearly never seen?

    Thank you for reading.

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