• (Now Level 20)

    Hello everyone!
    As you can see Resonanz has been around for some years.

    For quite some time we also have set up our own Discord server!

    We are posting lots of guides there and inform in summarized form about the latest patches in Elsword.

    Then please feel free to send a notice directly to me, here or ingame.

    Ingame character is Nyanyu, whisper or mail work both.
    Also contact me when there are any other questions.

    Darro ~

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    Hello guys,

    Darro gave me the lead and I've the honor to make the guild great again.

    About Us

    •At the Moment we've 283 members and hit lv. 20 already. Most of the guild members are [DE].

    •You should be able to speak English or German. If you can't speak one of these languages I can't guarantee you a good guild experience.

    •We don't have a main focus on PvP/PvE/Raid/Ereda but someone will join you definitely when you ask nicely.

    •We have a Discord Server with good guides.

    •Guild Storage is regular filled.


    •Be nice to the guild members (I don't care what you are doing outside of the guild).

    •Don't raid the guild storage. Share and care. ⚖️

    •Limit is 1 Main Character + 2 Twinks.

    • 40d offline = Kick

    Please tell us when you can't come online.


    GM: Sheruvia

    Discord: Secret Sauce#2160

    Admins: Uruza/Rwbi/0Lucy/Seco

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