Looking for a new Set

  • Hey Artists ^.^ ,

    i am looking for a new Avatar and Signature.

    For my Avatar i would like to have Eternity Winner in her Hyper Active Form

    and for my signature it would be great to have Eternity Winner and Radiant Soul, one on each side. (All pictures attached)

    Do i have any special wishes for my order ? No, everything's shoudl be fine.

    Colours and Atmosphere: I am not really good at that, but i guess Pink and bright will Suit Laby, otherwise feel free to experiment

    As for the Size: Forum Based Avatar 128 x 128 px max 100kB and Signature 500 x 150 px and max 100kB (i guess O.O)

    sincerly Jason,



    Now, let's start the cycle of death!

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