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    Pretty much what is said in the thread title:

    selling 6/6 Thanatos for Add hopefully for 440kk but the price can be bargained

    For contact ingame: Elated, Aikarui

    Currently selling some Eve stuff I found I had in a lvl 48 character:

    5/5 HNO blue (no hat)

    4/5 Gold falcon (no hair)

    6/6 well...idk how it's called in English but the playboy bunny one with the emote

    I am taking offers (even though I won't consider things like 10kk for a 5/5 mind you)

    For ingame contacts : Elated, Aikarui

    Well, pretty self explanatory: selling the full 9/9 Chess arena for Ciel for 800kk (tho, I am open to offers)

    I can also accept trades, albeit some specific ones:

    4/4 chess arena Ciel for Blue dark shadow weapon and eye accessory (Chung)

    5/5 chess arena Ciel for 5/5 Blue Dark shadow Chung (alternatively the hair of the DS can be exchanged for the blue yaksha hair)

    For contacts ingame: Elated, Aikarui

    Ok so the reason i'm making this thread is because I am as of right now wondering what to socket on my Fatal Phantom, reason being I have almost 94% crit chance and 100% maximize. The problem is, Fatal Phantom has a passive "Gas Piston System" that gives me 10% critical chance. Now is where the thread comes into play: some passives in this game are directly added on the stat screen and are therefore used to calculate the CP of a character, however nor ingame nor in elwiki database my particular passive is said to be counted or not on the stat page.

    While Elwiki does a wonderful job at listing normalized and non normalized values it only lists Magic/physical attack increases as shown on the stat page, let me make an example:

    Awakened one: 10% increase in Attack and defense (both spectrums) and Hp

    Rune master- Thinking outside the box: 6% magical power increase

    Rune mastery: 8% magical power increase

    Metamorphy- Fitness: 6% physical power increase

    Anemos- Swift kicks: 10% Physical power increase

    You get the point, all these passives that have a permanent increase in one's physical/magical power have their effect listed on the stat window, however passives like the one I have mentioned and a lot more that give out free permanent stats like

    Knight Emperor- God of War: Mp cost -10% crit chance +10% crit damage +8%

    Rune master- Awakened will: Maximize 13%

    Code Ultimate- Awakened will: Awk charge +20% Crit chance +20% Crit dmg +5%

    and other passives like this, we have no information over the fact that those passives might or might not be shown on the stat page, in my case it's a 10% crit chance but a code ultimate has a 20% free crit chance which might turn out to be a free weapon socket and an armor socket, which can make a difference in socketing.

    Now what i'm asking with these thread is if anyone who reads this and noticed while leveling their character they get free stat in the stat window, i'd like those people to post said information so that people don't waste sockets for stats they already have.

    thank you in advance.