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    Hey there.

    I stopped playing early 2018. Was playing VP back then now Oz Sorcerer.

    Can someone get me up to date when it comes to

    - BiS Gear (mainly interested in best IB-Set and IB Acc-Combinations for best effects PvP and PvE with Oz)

    - Force Skills (which ones do in need on my Oz Sorc? PvE and PvP)

    Whats new in PvE?

    Are there any new things you want to craft for PvE? Consumables, blessings, any kind of new buffs i should know about?

    Any changes to Elrianode Gear? Am i still good with +10 Void Wep and +10 Elrianode Gear? Is it still Atk-Speed, Matk-Buff, Skill Dmg you wanna get on Elrianode Top, Bottom, Gloves?

    Do you still socket like 20% Atk Speed, 90% crit and max and you good in PvE?

    Anything else i need to know about Oz to be effective.

    Whats best title for PvP right now? Still Eclipse?

    What i gotta do first when it comes to catching up on PvE things?

    Will look things up myself but maybe someone can answer a few of those questions? thx in advance