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    So if you make let's say a top-piece invisible, does it show the equipment underneath? Or the base-model shown when you don't equip anything? Or is it supposed to show something that would increase the age-rating? I'm confused but in favor for the Hair-Part.

    Wo zur Hölle ist Eclipse stark? Du dropst bei 1HP und bekommst 3 Sekunden lang Unverwundbarkeit. Geile Nummer! Ist ja nicht so, dass jeder Char mit der Weile einen Out gegen diesen Titel hat. Und selbst wenn nicht? Wen Juckts? Dann spielt man mit Feuer Atribut oder halt Gift. Die Nächsten 2 Outs. Doppelattake, der Nächste. Selbst wenn in KR alle damit rum laufen, der Titel ist zu leicht zu outen, als dass man ihn "OP" nennen kann. Dann wären titel wie "Uhrsprung Beseitigen" oder der neue speed Titel auch OP.

    Der OP-Teil von Eclipse ist nicht der Revive sondern der kostenlose Manabreak alle 30? Sekunden. Wir haben ja immernoch die alte Version welche nicht einfach 100% Schadensresi gibt sondern eben ne gewisse Chance bei getroffen werden einfach umzufallen. Und ja, das ist OP. Der Revive an sich ist zwar nicht OP, dennoch aber recht stark. Auch wenn er selten n Match drehen wird, man sollte ihn trotzdem nicht unterschätzen. Abgesehen davon hat der Titel noch nen Heal-Effekt bei Treffern, gute Base-Stats und nen recht starken Zusatz-Angriff. Es hat schon nen Grund wieso der so beliebt ist.

    Was den Vorschlag angeht bin ich dagegen, so angenehm das auch wäre. Es muss nicht jeder Twink nen OP-Titel haben.

    Yeah it's the same. My second acc doesn't get the bonus until 50€ or more while my main-acc get's it for everything. I cashed on both but way more on my main than on my second one. No idea how that's calculated.

    Handschuhe sind ziemlich sicher die Himmelsfeder-Handschuhe. Beinkleid geh ich von Schattenfeder aus.
    Wenn wir von dem Set im Kampf gegen den RM bei Minute ~11 reden (da fängt das Video an wenn ich draufklicke) sind die Haare definitiv nicht der Rowdy-Pferdeschwanz sondern eher der Eisfee-Haarschnitt oder Serbius.

    Was die Schuhe angeht kann ich dir allerdings nicht helfen.

    Vergiss was ich geschrieben hab, hab den Stat-Link in den comments gefunden und die Icons passen nicht zu den Sachen, die ich genannt habe. Haarschnitt ist dennoch nicht der Pferdeschwanz an der Stelle ^^

    There is nothing that we need to understand or learn from a ban on any region, other than that we maybe should not if we truly valued all our players. The ridiculous claims made in its support have no base in any science whatsoever, apart from maybe one physical law, that is not even interpreted consistently. Perhaps we can call this a result of people not even looking at a scientific problem in the first place? Suggesting that we need a solution presupposes the existence of a problem, and making certain groups of people appear like a problem just to find a convenient solution is not a well documented scientific method, it rather went down in history as something completely else.

    I thought we where past the stage of discussing wether the problem exists or not:

    Ganz viele Spieler werden aufgrund der Zeitverschiebung, Berufstätigkeit, anderer Spielplanung, etc. sicher nicht davon betroffen sein und wie du oder Kaya z.B. einfach eben nichts davon merken, aber das Problem existiert durchaus, das ist ja leider durchaus wahr

    Translation: Due to different timezones, job and varying playplaning there probably aren't many players affected by the problem [...] however the problem exists nonetheless, sadly that's the truth.

    So if you are gonna continue this discussion, take the problem itself as "presupposed" or whatever but stop denying it's existence.

    And laggs for the LA people will be far better if you have a seperate LA server positioned somewhere in Europe..sure

    Due to the p2p-nature of PvP or the Host-System in PvE, the server actually has very little to do with lag. So yes, they'd be better off that way.

    Thing is, not everyone feels their game being ruined by them.

    True, but a significant amount of ppl do.

    Which problem? The problem of information taking time to travel or the problem of you being annoyed by something?

    The problem of me and a significant amount of others beeing annoyed by something, yes. If you want to phrase it like that, that's what it's about.

    Separating Latinos from other people is "segregating" them under the premise that all Latinos have lag, which is also false.

    Because the lag depends on many factors not only the geographical location. And even a person living in Europe can have lag with a bad internet, just as there are people with good connections who are also Latinas and do not have it.

    Not all Latinos have problems with their connection. Generalizing is completely unfair.

    No matter what, distance will have a major influence on lag. Even if you have a 100up/30down-connection, you still lag in PvP. You lag less but you lag. That's not generalizing, it's a fact. A good connection wont help you with that problem and a bad one will only make it worse. Again, talking about PvP here, in PvE the influence isn't as bad.

    You probably djust don't see them, as they are not brandmarked with an LatAm-Tag. How do you know, that every single ES Player you played against, that did not lagg wasn't from LatAm? How do you know, that every ES-Player that lagged was from LatAm. You don't know, simply because you can't know where they are from.

    That's simple: I ask whenever I meet someone with an ES-Tag that doesn't lag. There is a whisper-function in the game after all.

    KR stated it, as you can "just" get the things needed if you are born in Korea, and I don't know about NA, but a lot of European players actually left EU for NA so I don't see any problem with that. At least I wouldn't have to deal with your posts here anymore.

    KR is KR-Only with both an IP-Block and a clear registration-process you can only go through if you're either Korean or a Hacker (or ofc if you know someone from KR). Even than, lagging is afaik a bannable offense there so if you decide to PvP as many latams do here, it's not gonna be fun for a long time for you. As for NA, they don't let you onto NA but put you on INT instead. Problem solved.

    There's no twisting involved, you said that yourself.

    Here's what I said:

    The spanish guys I asked along the way searched for it even longer and said that has to be a rumor.

    I was quoting someone. If you actually read my post, you could've noticed that.

    Nice try, but exclusion from the European server is the hardest thing you could do even without sugar-coating it. LatAm players being able to play on any other server still does not justify banning them from this one, though.

    Well how are you gonna adress the problem then? Other then by completely denying it's existence ofc.

    This is nothing more than a xenophobic outbreak of people who, in a clear exercise of selfishness, want to make others, with the same right as they to play Elsword, leave everything they have dedicated and invested in this server for a whim which is banal, insignificant and clearly insufficient to justify a measure of such caliber.

    I think I already stated they don't have to leave anything though? Apart from european players at least.

    Oh, and some short fun towards the end:

    Twisting the words I wrote to fit your narrative is fun? Grow up, pls.

    As for the rest of your post: yes i'm proposing exclusion from the european server. However I'm not proposing exclusion from the game itself. Is my original post really that hard to comprehend?

    Wouldn't that imply that the LatAm community (thanks to time zones) severely outnumbers us to the point where inner-European matchups would be nigh impossible at certain times?

    That is indeed correct. Just try PvP between midnight and 4-5am and you'll know what I mean.

    How is it fair? The reason for the EU Server was to get more people in the queue. We do have these people now. Guess what will happen when we seperate the queues from Europe and LatAm: less player. Especially less player for LatAm people, and that's certainly going to reduce their game-experience, and what happens when game-experience is reduced? Players that leave. And what happens then: GF complaining because they get less money, which leads us to: none of these suggestions will happen.

    ES was the healthiest server in terms of population before the merge and it still is the largest contributor in terms of players to the server. They are more than enough to sustain a server on their own and don't need europeans for that. The flip-side would be more accurate however while we did want more players, EU alone is enough as well. We don't need them, they don't need us, it only causes problems, why not seperate? Also, you completely ignored your previous argument about non-lagging LatAms, can I assume you accept that they don't exist?

    They most likely payed money to get their Avatar (and other stuff), and won't be happy when they suddenly aren't allowed to play on the server anymore, which leads us to what again?

    I said it before, I'll say it again: They could keep all their stuff if this suggestion would be implemented. They don't loose anything other than european players wich most of them don't even encounter that often due to timezones. I already explained why the population won't be a problem so what else is there?

    Also, little fun thought-experiment using your way: There are a lot of lagging Players making the game hardly playable, guess what would happen? Players leave since they can't enjoy the game anymore, if they can even play it at all resulting in less money for GF. Two can play that game, it's stupid in both cases.

    I'm against this suggestion, as not every LatAm-Player is lagging and it is unfair for them.

    Proof pls. Show me a Latin American Player in a PvP-Match against you that doesn't lagg. I've searched for one for about 3 months now and still haven't found one. The spanish guys I asked along the way searched for it even longer and said that has to be a rumor. So pls, proof it.

    And even after that, how is that unfair? They can continue playing just like they're doing now with the only difference beeing they also have to deal with less lagg.

    How is that "Harder banning"? It's seperation, not excluding them. I'm not going "you're from X, you can't play this game anymore", I'm going "you're gonna play over there with the ppl you usually play with and we're playing here". And again, I'm not deciding anything, I'm putting it up for debate. Now if you could tell me how this influences the game experience more than the server-merge that seemingly was completely fine with you, I'm listening. So far though, you're only grasping at straws to make ppl actively engaging in trying to solve this problem seem racist. It really makes me wonder what you gain from that..

    Or how about we change the Peer-to-Peer connection system to a "normal mmo type connection". Then if you lag only you are affected by that lag, instead of everyone who are connected to you during the lagging.

    First of all, that is very unlikely to happen since it would require KoG to recode the entire framework. Secondly it would be equivalent to soft-banning the entire latin american community by making the game basically unplayable for them. So as much as i like that suggestion, it's highly unlikely to be used sadly.

    Do they really bother you so much ?

    Short answer: yes. Long answer: I'm an active PvP-Player and currently, I'm unable to enjoy about 3/4th of my matches due to getting latinos with heavy distance-lag. While there are ways around it and, due to my equipment, i don't loose often, it still annoys me every single time since even if it's obvious I'm gonna win, it still takes quite a bit longer than against a similar opponent from the EU due to hitignores. Overall, wether I win or loose, it's frustrating and rage-inducing to deal with it and it happens so often it's not even funny anymore.

    Or at least find out if the majority of them want to stay or leave

    Why should only they get to decide? If you're doing a majority-vote, count in all of the server, not just the troublemakers. This is a problem for the entire server, it affects everyone, some more and some less but it's there. We could also turn this around into "give european players their own server". Does that sound better to you?

    But still You don't have the right to decide for Them that's just my point of view

    It's a problem and it needs to be addressed one way or the other. If I had the right to decide, I wouldn't be making this suggestion, much less in the english-speaking part of the forums so that at best every involved party can understand and discuss it. Yes, also (some) latin americans are able to speak english. So far, I've yet to see anyone eager to contiune the current state. The ones I've talked to are more than ready to leave if they can keep their stuff.

    Do you know how many are they ? If they're not numerous it's just not fair to them

    The ES-Server had the biggest population by far before the merge. Even if you subtract the spanish portion it'll still be a lot more than the second largest DE- and FR-Servers had before the merge. From how many Latin Americans i meet in Dungeons, Citys and PvP, I'd suspect they're around half the current server-population. Even if they're less, it shouldn't be too far off since they're also representing a not exactly small continent. Ofc I don't know for sure but neither do you and observations are against you on this one.

    But may I ask you what will happen to what they've currently on this server ? They will need to start over again right ? Will you appreciate that if you were in this situation ?

    Nope, what i had in mind was the same as the server-fusion before, just in the opposite direction. Ofc, just like with the fusion, everything would be kept.

    I'm proposing this since there is considerable distance-lag between these two groups, especially in PvP. There's no way of fixing this issue since it's physically impossible to get the date-transfer across such a large distance done in a small enough time-frame to not notice it, at least in 2018 that's the case. Since there isn't any other way of avoiding distance-lag other than avoiding ppl from the respective other side, this should be the easiest and most fair way to accomplish that. This way, both latin americans and europeans will be able to continue playing undisturbed and GF won't loose any "potential customers". It's also the easiest to implement since most of the work would be done by GF and there should be little need for KoG to be involved in any coding of additional features.

    Now I just gotta wait until someone calls me racist again *grabs popcorn*