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    Hello Guys:!:
    I’m starting an Elsword Clouudiii Meme Contest! [ECMC]
    It’s a 5.000 Subscriber Special and a sign for my gratitude.

    Rules :elsparchment:
    • Any content related to Elsword (Characters, Items, Cities, Dungeons, Towns, Story, KoG, Other, …)
    • Made by yourself
    • Please submit your meme only in english
    • Not allowed are harassments or NSFW content
    • Your nickname in the meme picture/gif/video as application

    How to participate:?:
    • You can send up to three memes, but only one will win
    • Decide between a meme picture, gif or even a video!
    Send your data via this link!…zV1-VxerGmu2QZwg/viewform
    Trust me m8, it’s not a Virus

    Your submitted meme(s) will be uploaded to my Discord server so other participants can take a first look - or Maybe get inspired by your submissions.
    :nasmegaphone: Join Clouudiii Discord Server:

    Prizes :star:
    1st Place – 25€ PaysafeCard
    2nd Place – 15€ PaysafeCard
    3rd Place – 5€ PaysafeCard

    Informations about PaysafeCard
    The paysafecard is primarily a prepaid card that shoppers can use to make online payments. Shoppers do not have to enter personal information or bank details when they pay.

    Contest date: 05.05.2019 – 07.31.2019


    Varnutmyr in shell <3

    Hauptsächlich erfreue ich mich über die Veränderung jeglicher Werte in prozentualer (%) Angabe.
    Das Item Level wurde auch entfernt und durch ein neues System ersetzt.

    Top Update:thumbup: - hätte eher kommen sollen:!::!::!:

    Sup Guys,

    I'm looking for a Signature. I would be very happy of any signature you sent to me :love:.

    I would love to see something with Rage Hearts and maybe with my logo/brand or something funny based on memes I use in my videos.

    Thank you! <3:!:

    Thats it I think :/


    I just registered in the Elsword EU Forum and wanted to share my YouTube Channel to the Europa community.
    To myself: I'm a creator of funny Elsword videos from germany. Mostly just nonsense and Entertainment.

    Thats it I think. :/

    You can find more Videos on my channel! >Click here<