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  • I'm selling this Avatar Items for ADD:

    -5/5 Imperial

    -5/5 Belder's Academy

    -5/5 Master of the earth 5/5

    -5/5 Fantastic Alchemist

    - Glacial 5/5

    -Black Officer 5/5

    -Red Officer 9/9

    -Henir 8/9 (with weapon and accessories)

    -Hamel 5/5

    -Black Servant 5/5

    -Arcidevil 8/9 (no weapon)

    -Inkubus: 4/4

    -Thanatos 3/4(with weapon and accessories)

    -Lava Dragon DINAMO

    -Solace 2/2

    -Blu Fox 8/8