Need help on my ARA (Sakra Devanam / Aspara)

  • Hello,

    I opened this thread, Because (title), about the abilities i should use on her.

    Abilites i use:

    I also need suggestion about my gear cause i'm a bit lost i started the game few days ago.

    Date of registration :

    My gear:

    I have something like

    80% devastation

    45% crit

    (Working on that weapon mariposa)

    More important as i said i'm lost should i look for a Elyanod gear?

    Thanks in advance for all the advices.

    IG: Emphee

  • since no1 else seems the need to answer imma do my best xd..

    Acc's wise you might wanna farm some ereda, for the chronicle with 10% trancs skills dmg.. you need uh.. 480? medals to finish it. You can buy it too, but people usually sell it for 700m-1b. Quite expensive so might wanna farm that. Furthermore 3p DSI (Demsion of Sinister Intent) or in EU known as 'GloomyRoom' would be very nice for youunknown.png

    ^this Dungeon if youre unsure what i mean. The DSI Acc's you can basically choose almost every slot(excluding rings/neckleasse and weapon acc).

    Since you can only do 3 runs/day and you need 120 runs it might take a while. Once again you can buy these 3 parts aswell for usually quite cheap, most people are happy with 50m+seal so around 200 each part.

    (Might wanna pick up a free onsie aswell for those extra 858 krit/maxi with the current event)

    Good socket Stats for Ara would be 85/85 but you'll get there with sagestones

    Regarding the Elya-gear: ofcourse go for it, its super good.

    As Vishnu/Apsara you want to go for a Red set.

    Triangle i dont think i have to explain..

    Circles go full Kritdmg

    Squares atm full Swallow assoult/kite , soon you can also try to look for Spiritual Dragon otherwise Shadoweave is another nice option (i personally prefer 24/24 builds instead of 48 into one skill)

    Hexagons should be:

    Top- Attack/attacked +x%

    bot- Party Patk +x%

    gloves- 300mp stacking +% (but this option gets deleted very soon so if you dont get it you just go AllSkillDmg)

    Shoes- 300mp cooldown / less mp cost / Bossdmg / Party maximize (personal perference tbh, i like bossdmg xd)

    your Skills seem fine i mostly use the same expect for your Z and E but eh dosent matter too much you have the important stuff

    if you dont understand something just ask and ill try to use more visual examples

    just my opinion if some1 wants to correct me go for it

    E: completly forgot you should try to farm void weapon if you can clear the dungeon, tho you might wanna wait since with next path the stamina drain of that dungeon gets decreased from 17%(now) to 4-5% per run

  • Hello!!

    Kona Thankss for the precious advices!!! It will help a looot

    Also yeah i just realized after posting that Thread thati had "Demsion of Sinister Intent" to do mb i should have do it since a long time before :((

    , and i started to farm the Void weapon it consuming all of my "action bar" ( I heard about something like everytime you finish the dungeon you gain more chance to drop the weapon and u can actually see that "luck bar" in the dungeon information but i actually can't see it maybe i'm stupid I dont know).

    And also thanks for the Elya-gear Part it will help me a lot.

  • the ''luck bar'' dosent exist yet, it will get patched next week. Furthermore i mentioned ''Action bar'' as Stamina in the Edited part of my post, so it will get way way more rewarding to farm it next week. If you need to know anything else just ask~ glad to help

  • if you only have 1 page.. go FULL exp legit otherwise you wont lv up atall, and after exp i'd HIGHLY recommend itemdrop.

    Buy a 2nd ERP page for dmg tho, go 1. full 300mp skilldmg and after that its up to you if you prefer hp/mp / -mp cost / -cooldown

  • trancscendence, but that word is so aids to spell. Furthermore its called Bravery in NA so im just used to calling it 300mp, easy to type and usually good to understand coz most chars actually have 300mp cost. Ara in Theory too since 1 orb = 30mp so 10orb skills = 300mp

  • a little addition from myself as an apsara main:

    -you should DEFINITLY pick up bravery cd reduce for your shoes. swallow assoult has an insane amount of cd and it helps a lot to get it more frequently in regular playthroughs.

    -try to get the bravery stacks on your gloves. all skill dmg gloves aren't that great on apsara since her main dmg comes from bravery skills.

    -you should prefer shadowweave over spiritual dragon since it can be used more frequently and more reliably imo.

    as for skills, i will post my setup tomorrow and explain it more deeply.

  • For Apsara/Vishnu skills I use this:

    - Do not use Supression. It has bad damage and use up all your Spirit Energy leaving you with no resources after. Other Skills can do better.

    - Flame Lotus Strike is just bad damage and really slow. There are bette options.

    - Never use Force version of Spiritual Dragon. It will always do less damage compared to normal Spiritual. Only thing it can do however is curve, but usually it is not needed at all.

    - You can use Force Lotus if your gear is good enought to clear mobs with it. On bosses or low damage better use the normal one.

    - Later if we get the newest Balance Patch you need to swap Counter Switch (sadly) with something more usefull (like Charging Fury or later on Force Matchless Truth).

    - There are some situations where you can put Spiritual Dragon in Transcendence Qlot instead of Shadoweave. With those new potions that came out in NA and KR even more reason to go for.

    For sockets:

    - You need around 85-91% Maximize and around 86% Crit (depending on how good you can manage your passives even much less).

    For Elrianode Gear:

    - Bravery Stacking in most cases is better than All Skill Damage yes. But Aps/Vi can also work well with ASD, since skills like "Tiger Stance - Fiece Spear Dance / Tiger Style - Throw" are also good skills that should not be ignored. Also keeping stacks up can sometimes be annoying because of Cooldowns and Spirit Energy costs.

    - Shoes I prefer to use MP Cost Reduktion. Bravery Cooldown Reduktion in most cases will not make much of a difference while MP Cost can safe you some potions (and ED). Bossdamage is also good but keep in mind that Aps/Vi is not really a good bossing class.


  • Bravery stacking will just get too expensive for new players since it gets deleted in 2days.. tbh just go for ASD (all skill dmg), just as viable and costs far far less. Furthermore dosent Vi get a CD passive next patch afaik? :/

  • Force Moonlight Slash is only better in terms of damage if your target is large enought (which usually they are not).

    What makes Force Moonlight Slash even worse: It pushes any target without Superarmor far away which makes it annoying for other party members. Also it can make your Dragon Art miss which is also bad.

    Do not use it.