[CONTEST] Christmas battle!

  • Dear spammers!

    Contest is over now :) I'd like to thank all of you for participating and for making this one of the most successful from the last few weeks. It was a hard battle!

    Further information will be provided within the next few hours.



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  • :ornamentnoel: Dear spammers :ornamentnoel:

    I am happy to announce the winners!

    QFLHB4A.png  Kauket   QFLHB4A.png

    cXXEQ8w.png  Moriarthy  cXXEQ8w.png

    UhBFZmS.png  Potato UhBFZmS.png

    At this point, you are able to see the ranking and present's value:


    announcement_gladiatus_tw_206ba8381eb718c744b6273e7747ae12.png announcement_gladiatus_tw_2453b580f9ce28c8d6908ab6b0efb19c.png announcement_gladiatus_tw_e1622c99e7cc655dfcda72ee8e016183.png announcement_gladiatus_tw_a9c179703463d5b455ec3135aeba2bb9.png announcement_gladiatus_tw_4d0247d7c894c3c5fdc1774770b43d13.png
    1 point 3 points 5 points 2 points 4 points

    What's next?

    • From now, you will have only three (3) days to request a review if needed. (Deadline: 19.12.2018 23.59)
    • Keep in mind that some posts were deleted due to spam / double post.
    • After those three days the prizes will be delivered to the winners mentioned above. (Delivering date: 20.12.2018)
    • Open a new conversation by clicking here to contact me.

    Your Elsword Team



    ~ Why don't we whisper pretty lies? ~

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