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  • Hi I'm selling some Elianod Stones and other

    https://tearbox.io/box/m0waYnq2 "A rdm guy's Box" (It is possible that you may not arrive immediately on my box, if it happens try to start again until you reach it)
    -Elite (30M(kk) for skill)40M(kk)
    -Unique 70M(kk)
    -PvP stone(HP,Critical,Maximize..)20M(kk)
    -Neil Sniping (A) [Mod] 50M(kk)
    -DSI Accessories (Lu/Ciel) 60M(kk)( can craft 2 accessories)
    I filtered the stone to make them as simple as possible.
    Take a look if you have time and hope you'll find what you're looking

    Here is a little overview:

    If u're interrested please contact me on Discord for more disponibility

    :purplesealporu:/!\ALL ITEMS NEED TO BE SEALED BY UR OWN/!\:goldsealporu:


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