• Nyan ! Je vends / I sell :

    Je cherche des ailes ET1 Aisha, ou tout est échangeable contre des IB Aisha/Eve envoyez un MP + vos prix/propositions ♥

    I am looking for wings ET1 Aisha, or everything is exchangeable for IB Aisha / Eve send a MP + your prices / proposals ♥


    Full Dawn

    Full Serbius

    Full Elpheus

    Lunar Space Rabbit (set)

    Weapon Chess Arena / Baguette Echiquier

    LU / CIEL

    5/5 Dawn Lu

    5/5 Dusk Ciel


    5/5 Perkisas


    5/5 Thanatos (sail/voile)

    5/5 SR

    4/4 Elpheus

    Tail IC

    Elyanod Stuff

    Purple :

    Double Frappe (Double Strike) 12% Elsword TOP

    Lotus Lumineux (Luminous Lotus) 11% Ara TOP

    Adamas Pluvia 11% Ain TOP

    HP + 18120 TOP + BOTTOM

    Tir de Faucon (Shooting Falcon) 12% Rose SHOES

    Artillerie Lourde (Heavy Artillery) 11% Chung SHOES

    Red :

    Fatalité (Fatality) 11% Rena SHOES

    Tournevis (Screw Driver) 12% Aisha GLOVES

    HP + 18120 TOP

    Bottom RH29

    Critical DMG 3%

    Blue :

    Artillerie lourde (Heavy Artillery) Chung 11% TOP

    Neil Rose 11% TOP

    Skill force 9%x5 GLOVES

    Lame Lunaire (Lunar Blade) 12 % Elsword SHOES

    Attaque Nucléaire (Nuclear) 12% Raven SHOES

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